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  1. Newfie

    What type of razor do you prefer to shave with?

    Merkur Gold Slant with Derby blade, probably 9 days out of 10, except when traveling.
  2. Newfie

    Damooshki's LOL Cats, Demotivational, bacon & Spam

    I remember seeing the movie, but that was over 20 years ago. I just did a search for pics of her, and HOT DAYUM, she's done some purty sexy photo shoots.
  3. Newfie

    Damooshki's LOL Cats, Demotivational, bacon & Spam

    Girl Scout Pic >>>>>>>>> Without a doubt!!! The look in her eyes makes me think of the movie "The Shining".
  4. Newfie

    The Canada Thread

    1/2 an hour later, on an island in the sea!!!!! Land of cod, and the most salmon rivers in North America, maybe the world.
  5. Newfie

    Any ideas for pork tenderloin?

    Good ideas above, but here's one I love: CLICKY ME!!!!
  6. Newfie

    Damooshki's LOL Cats, Demotivational, bacon & Spam

    A bullet wouldn't be wasted on THAT.:blink:
  7. Newfie

    Anyone Else Fly Fish?

    I just took up fly fishing a few weeks ago, after fishing with spinning gear since I was old enough to hold a rod. I fish primarily in a small pond close to my home that (as you can see below) has a good selection and variety of pan size and bigger. My first rod is a Streamside Elite 5 wt...
  8. Newfie

    Worst concert you ever saw

    Tie between Dylan at Kingswood Music Theatre in August '87 and (I hate to say it) Jeff Healy at the Windsor Blues Festival in 2003 or 2004. Dylan just was plain awful and didn't sing one song I recognized, and what he did sing turned me off from him. Healy had just gone Jazz and was not...
  9. Newfie

    the passive-aggressive SWMBO

    Not that it'll make her feel any better, but it could have been worse. Good friends of ours told us one of their sons used his brother's toothbrush for weeks to clean dead skin off his iguana, and used to put it back in the rack. Now THAT, is gross.
  10. Newfie

    So SWMBO wants her own soap...

    While my wife has never used a DE to shave, she loves the scent of my Mama Bear's Patchouli soap, and of course there's no disputing the performance of any of her soaps. No matter what AS or cologne I follow it with, she can tell I shaved with this as soon as she walks into the bathroom. That...
  11. Newfie

    Tonight's Supper

    Cut them into wedges, toss in a little olive oil (maybe 1-2 tbs, depending on how many you're cooking), sprinkle with paprika and toss again. Place in a single layer on a heavy cookie sheet that's been sprayed with Pam (or other cooking spray), then lightly spray the potatoes with Pam. Place in...
  12. Newfie

    Favorite comfort food?

    Fish 'n chips for me.
  13. Newfie

    Tonight's Supper

    Just thought I'd share tonight's meal. Every 2nd Wednesday SWMBO works late and I take the opportunity to cook something for myself she won't eat. It might be Fettuccine Alfredo, might be linguine and pesto with pan seared scallops, or maybe Cod Tongues and Cheeks, even Sheppard's Pie with real...
  14. Newfie

    Are All Open Combs the Same?

    I have a '31 New OC that I love. This morning I used a new (to me) 12C with one of my top soaps (one of MBs) and one of my favourite brushes, and the shave was one of the worst I've had yet. No irritation, just lots of stubble even after 3 passes. Maybe an angle issue, I don't know. But...
  15. Newfie

    Aceto Balsamico Marinated Pork Tenderloin

    I would think the "thickness" you speak of comes from the well-aged vinegar. The stuff I use for cooking is cheap (~ $8-10 for a 750 ml bottle) but the true old vinegar is very expensive and is quite thick. A little is wonderful on a sliver of well aged Parmesan cheese. Jim
  16. Newfie

    Any Backpackers?

    I used to spend days backpacking in the area shown below when I was a teenager, moving from place to place with a little El Cheapo pup tent. Now that I've moved back to the area where I grew up, I'm looking forward to doing a few overnighters again, looking for the 2 lb brook trout I used to...
  17. Newfie

    Aceto Balsamico Marinated Pork Tenderloin

    With pork, yes, 20 minutes. First time I had it, I was amazed how moist and tended they were. Jim
  18. Newfie

    Anyone play the bagpipes?

    +1, but will add, "When played slow". Don't know what song it was (I know the tune) but just yesterday I heard them in a fast melody and thought "Jeez, that's just as bad as those friggin' "World Cup" horns."
  19. Newfie

    Aceto Balsamico Marinated Pork Tenderloin

    500 g pork tenderloin 6 cloves garlic, sliced 100 ml aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar) mustard to taste (I use ~ 1/4 cup whole grain) salt ground black pepper oil Cut meat into 1" thick medallions. Flatten each with a meat hammer just a little on one side. Rub with salt and pepper and...
  20. Newfie

    shaving with a kitchen knife

    WORD!!!! SWMBO loves to put my kitchen knives in the dishwasher and it drives me right up the wall. So I've learned to wash them myself by hand and put them in the block. When sharpening my knives, I'll test it on the back of my hand to see how well they cut, but haven't tried it on my...
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