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  1. Boogie

    What to brew my tea in???

  2. Boogie

    Thinking about trading my Rooney S1, S1

    OK guys, I need some help. I have a Rooney Style 1, size 1 that I bought about 6-7 months ago. Since I bought the Rooney I received a Edwin Jagger best badger brush. I’m not sure the size, but it’s the one you can get from the Duluth Trading company. The Edwin Jagger brush is a little bigger...
  3. Boogie

    Soap buildup on razor (Merkur Progress)

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I've posted, hope all are doing well. Quick question, I use a Merkur Progress, and am a 100% soap user. Every week when I change the blade I spray the Progress with Scrubbing Bubbles, and lightly scrub with a tooth brush to get off all the soap build up...
  4. Boogie

    Serengeti sunglasses.

    In my continuing quest for the perfect pair of shades I have become interested in Serengeti sunglasses. Any of you have experience with Serengeti? I can't find them local, so it looks like my only option would be to order them online. Any feelings, opinions or experiences with these glasses...
  5. Boogie

    Geo F. Trumper question

    For the past few days I have been getting absolutely fantastic shaves using a puck of Rose that I picked up from a member. I'm not really a fan of the rose sent, but love the way this soap shaves. If I was to order a different scent of Trumpers, could I expect the same quality shave as the Rose...
  6. Boogie

    Maui Jim sunglasses

    I am in the market for some new sunglasses. I have had a nice pair of Ray Ban's for the past 10-11 years or so. I've been looking around, but have to admit that I'm pretty ignorant of sunglasses. I like a pair of Maui Jim that I found at a local Sunglass Hut...
  7. Boogie

    Tea question

    I went to a local Asian Grocery today at lunch. I was looking for a specific kind of tea, but found that this little market had a huge selection of loose leaf teas. Not knowing much about tea at this point I picked up a 5.3 oz tin of Green Tea. It says Lung Ching on it. Is this also known as...
  8. Boogie

    Gettysburg trip

    I'm not a great photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I took a trip to Gettysburg this month and was so moved that I had to post some pictures. I have been wanting to go to Gettysburg for years. It was so much more awe inspiring then I ever expected. Monument in the National...
  9. Boogie

    What to brew my tea in???

    Hi All, i’ve recently gotten into tea and have purchased some loose leaf tea recently while in Pennsylvania (Dragon Well, Oolong and Silver Needle varieties). I’m kind of interested in getting a teapot and would like to ask all you other tea drinkers out there what the best kind of tea pot...
  10. Boogie

    Rooney Style 1 Size 1 question

    For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been using my new Rooney Style 1, Size 1 exclusively. I seem to be having some issues with it though. It’s an unbelievably dense brush, and this may be part of my problem. I can work up great mounds of lather, no problem there, but once I move to apply it to my face...
  11. Boogie

    A question for tea drinkers

    I'm in PA on a business trip, and I stopped in to a nice little Thai place for dinner tonight. I ordered some hot tea to have during the meal. The waitress brought me out a nice sized kettle of tea and a cup and said it was Thai Tea. It turned out to be a fantastic tea. It was dark, but still...
  12. Boogie

    Cubs fans??

    How about those Cubbies, winning the division!!! Too bad about the Yankees blowing it with Baltimore, but at least they got in, that's all that matters.
  13. Boogie

    Harrisburg, PA

    I’m going to be going to Pennsylvania for some training next week, and will be pretty close to Harrisburg. Does anyone know of any shops in Harrisburg that might sell some good shaving products? I’m interested in any soaps, creams, after shaves and maybe brushes. I’m set on razors and blades so...
  14. Boogie

    3 brushes, asking for thoughts or them.

    In my quest to find the perfect companion brush for my Savile Row 3118 I think I’ve narrowed it down to three choices, and would like to ask any of you who have experience with any of these brushes to post your thoughts or feelings. The three brushes are: -Rooney Style 1, small with Super...
  15. Boogie

    2 days growth

    Anybody else feel that a shave after 2 days of growth, or more, seems to be much more satisfying then shaving everyday? I don't know if letting my beard grow that extra day gives me a feeling of having more to mow down with my razor, but every time I let it go for 2 days my shaves end up being...
  16. Boogie

    Question about brush trades

    I'm hoping all the brush gurus on these forums can help me out. As many of you may know I recently landed a very sweet SR 3118. I've been using that brush for the past few weeks and love it. Tonight I decided to give the SR a break and used my Shavemac 429. I had thought the 429 was too big for...
  17. Boogie

    Service life of brushes

    OK, so lets say that you just bought a new brush, say a.....Savile Row 3118 for example (:biggrin: ) If properly cleaned and cared for, what do you think the life expectancy is?
  18. Boogie

    Shaving stuff in or around Mechanicsburg, PA

    Howdy All, I'm going to be in Mechanicsburg the first 2 weeks of October for some work training. Since I'm from Indiana, I'm going to be all by myself and will have evenings and the middle weekend free. Is there anyplace in or around this area that might make a good day trip for a shave geek. I...
  19. Boogie

    First, Second and Third impressions of the SR 3118

    First: WOW
  20. Boogie

    Brushes that compare in size to a Tweezerman

    For anyone who has or had a Tweezerman shaving brush do you know of any brushes that compare in size to that brush but with a better grade of hair? I love the size of my Tweezerman, I really think it’s the perfect size for my face. However, I’d love to get a brush that’s about the same size, but...
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