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  1. brandaves

    Where's Isaac?

    Haven't seen or heard from him in awhile...worried about the guy! Anyone heard from him?
  2. brandaves

    Birthday happiness!

    Good birthday today. Enjoyed a bowl with my dad earlier and now enjoying one of the best bourbons in the world (if not the best). Savor the moments you're given gents!
  3. brandaves

    1 Year of Pipe Provisions

    So I will be traveling soon and away for 1 year without the ability to replenish my supply. I need your help gentlemen. If you had to pack and plan for 1 years worth of pipes, tobacco and maintenance materials what would you pack? I'm thinking of bringing unopened tins from my cellar of a...
  4. brandaves

    A mini Falcon review after first smoke.

    So I got my first Falcon Stem and Bowl in the mail today. I opted for this Hunter all black stem from Amazon because I liked the look of it and free Prime shipping was a good selling point. Although I looked at several options for the bowl and wanted a Meerschaum lined, I opted for this standard...
  5. brandaves

    What is your favorite drink pairing with a good smoke?

    Most often my drink is coffee with half and half however occasionally it's iced water or a select pour of bourbon, neat. Depends on the time of day (coffee in the morning, water for mid day and bourbon in the evening) as well as my work schedule. If I'm on call the bourbon is out. The tobacco is...
  6. brandaves

    Pipe Cabinet project

    I'm currently working night shift and that tends to lend itself to some free time in the evenings on my nights off. I was thinking of starting a project, ya know what they say about idle hands...I'd like to build myself a quality pipe cabinet. Do you guys have any cabinets you've been eyeing or...
  7. brandaves

    Samuel Gawith done in the US?

    I can't speak to the truth of this, but read elsewhere that Samuel Gawith won't be abiding by the new FDA regulations and will therefore no longer be shipping to the US. Does anyone have any better info? It was already pretty difficult to get unless buying from Europe...but now even more so it...
  8. brandaves

    The winds have changed...

    My tobacco preferences change all the time, often unpredictably. This week I've made a mysterious shift toward Virginia...and at the end of summer 🤔. This would typically be the time of year I'd be reaching for English more often and I oddly haven't touched any in weeks. As I write this I am...
  9. brandaves

    Dark Fired Kentucky barns are smokin'

    I recently drove through some of the backroads of Western Kentucky and passed several barns filled to the brim with tobacco and they were a' smokin' boyz. It's a beautiful sight to see! A lot of tobacco is still in the fields and also passed several fields cut and resting before being picked up.
  10. brandaves

    High Nicotine Snus questions

    I'm looking at different snus options out there and I'm seeing many that contain 24 mg/g of nicotine. That seems like an insane amount of nicotine. Have any of you used any of these high nicotine bags and what were your experiences? Anybody use them regularly? For reference, the Camel brand...
  11. brandaves

    Pipe smokers favorite blend family?

    By blend family I mean: Burley, Virginia, Aromatic, Kentucky or English. This is a very difficult question I think. For instance, I have more Virginia cellared then any other blend type due to their nature when it comes to maturing over time. So while I'm tempted to say Virginia, I don't think...
  12. brandaves

    Desert Island Cigar or Pipe Tobacco

    I'm sure this thread has appeared here before, but I don't believe I've seen one so here goes. Cigar smokers - if you were stranded and could have a box of only one stick what would it be and why. Pipe smokers - same question, however in addition which pipe from your collection would you bring...
  13. brandaves

    Cellaring in tins...again...

    I know this comes up a lot, I just saw a thread in another forum that made me wonder about the tendencies of folks on here. I've heard the warnings about square tins having a higher failure rate then round tins and putting Esoterica bags inside another sealed bag...but do any of you open tins...
  14. brandaves

    Meerschaum pipe draw

    So as many of you know I recently got a new Imp Meerschaum pipe. I love the pipe and find it very visually appealing. My problem is that the draw is absolutely lousy. Easily the worst drawing pipe in my collection. As I've said, I really like the pipe but I want it to be a good smoker too. Do...
  15. brandaves

    The most recent Esoterica Drop

    So it would appear that Mike was the only person here to get a piece of the most recent Esoterica drop? Was anyone else able to get any?
  16. brandaves

    Tobaccusitions August 2020

    A pound of Sun Bear and 2 oz. Sutliff RR arrived this morning. The Sun Bear will cellar a bit before I crack one I think.
  17. brandaves

    Meerschaum coloring bowl

    Has anyone used one of these? I was toying with the idea of making one out of cob. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  18. brandaves

    Sticky Request

    Is there any reason we couldn't get the BL Stock Exchange added as a sticky? I always have to backdoor it, which isn't a big deal...and maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but can we have it as a sticky? Thoughts?
  19. brandaves

    An evening smoke

    This evening I missed the Zoom meetup because I had some family needs to attend to. I enjoy visiting with you gentlemen when able, but life tends to through up roadblocks...best laid plans and all that. Despite missing some time with all of you, I was able to enjoy a pipe. After the sun went...
  20. brandaves

    Operation Neptune Anniversary

    Today marks the anniversary of Operation Neptune (D-Day). Take a moment to appreciate the sacrifice made by the men who stormed that beach in 1944. As a Coast Guardsman I am particularly mindful to raise a glass to my fellow service members who took part in that invasion. The landing craft that...
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