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  1. Eskimo

    20% off at Elite Razor

    I've had plenty of time to spend in the shop this year and have accumulated a wide and varied selection of razor and brush handles that are ready to ship (over 75 brush handles and 100 razor handles). My shelves are full and that translates into savings for you on wood, stone, resin, hybrid and...
  2. Eskimo

    20% off at Elite Razor through Father's Day

    Father's Day is fast approaching and I have an excellent selection of razor and brush handles that are built and ready to ship. Through Father's Day (June 21st), all in-stock handles are on sale at a 20% discount. Enter the coupon code FATHERSDAY20 at checkout to receive your discount. This...
  3. Eskimo

    Charity Support

    Elite Razor www.eliterazor.com We are all faced with some measure of discomfort during the COVID-19 pandemic, but here in the Atlanta area the food service industry workers have been hit especially hard. Restaurants and Bars have been either closed or limited to take-out service only...
  4. Eskimo

    25% Off at Elite Razor through December 2nd

    Get a jump on Cyber Monday with a 25% discount on all razor and brush handles at Elite Razor through Monday, December 2nd. Just enter 25off to receive your discount. Please note that this discount is for handles only and does not include knots. Thanks to all, Bob
  5. Eskimo

    FS New in Box Merkur Futur - Bright, Brushed and Gold

    I was doing some housekeeping and found I still have 6 Merkur Futur's that are new - in the box. I used to sell stock Merkur razors, but haven't had any listed in quite a few years. PM me if any of these are of interest to you. Futur Brushed Chrome - 3 available - $60 ea. CONUS Futur Bright...
  6. Eskimo

    35% off all In-Stock Handles at Elite Razor

    All in-stock handles, both razor and brush, are on sale until July 22nd at a 35% discount. My daughter will be off to college in August, so I am thinking of this as my "Educate a Young Woman Sale". I have over 50 brush handles and and over 100 razor handles that are built and ready to ship...
  7. Eskimo

    20% off all razor and brush handles through November at Elite Razor.

    What's not to like about November? Thanksgiving, Football, Fall weather and my favorite, National Cashew Day on the 23rd. In honor of all these things, I will offering a 20% discount on all "in stock" handles throughout the month. I will be continually adding new pieces, so keep an eye out...
  8. Eskimo

    25% off Sale at Elite Razor

    This is the best sale I’ve ever offered in honor of a number of upcoming events. Father’s Day is just around the corner and Elite Razor will be celebrating our 11th anniversary. But most importantly, my eldest daughter will be getting married in early July and my youngest daughter will be...
  9. Eskimo

    15% Discount through January 21st at Elite Razor

    Thank you to all for your continued support of my work. I am offering a 15% discount on all razor and brush handles through January 21st. Just enter "2018" (without quotes) at checkout to receive your discount. Thanks, Bob
  10. Eskimo

    Elite Razor 10th Anniversary Sale

    First and foremost, I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all. It's hard to believe that it was 10 years ago I sent my first custom piece to its' new home. Since that time, more than 3,000 individual and unique pieces have gone out into the world. I have to admit that it is still as...
  11. Eskimo

    Manchurian White and High Mountain White knots at Elite Razor

    Manchurian White 2-band and High Mountain White 3-band knots are back in stock at Elite Razor. Following the initial offering of these exceptional knots, I have just received a shipment of 24, 26 and 28mm Manchurian Whites and 24mm High Mountain White knots. These knots are very dense, yet...
  12. Eskimo

    Father's/Memorial Day sale at Elite Razor

    Save 15% on all custom pieces in stock at Elite Razor through the end of May. In honor of both Memorial Day and Father's Day, please enter "Spring2016" (without quotes) at checkout to receive a 15% discount on all custom razors, brushes and pens at http://www.eliterazor.com. I am continually...
  13. Eskimo

    Reclaimed Wood at Elite Razor

    I am very pleased to announce the introduction of the Reclaimed Wood Collection of shaving equipment at Elite Razor -http://www.eliterazor.com. It is quite an experience to be able to work with wood that was last touched by a carpenter's tools well over 100 years ago and re-purpose the wood for...
  14. Eskimo

    Happy New Year sale from Elite Razor

    It's time to welcome in 2016 and add 2015 to the ledger that's seems to be filling up much faster than it used to..... In honor of the new year, I would like to offer a discount of 16% through January 15th on all custom pieces on my site at http://www.eliterazor.com. Please enter the coupon...
  15. Eskimo

    $15 off every custom razor handle at Elite Razor

    Apparently, building razor handles is a addiction and my shelves are full. I have over 175 handles that are hoping to find a new home. Through December 1st, enter coupon code "Nov2015" (without the quotes) during checkout at www.eliterazor.com to receive $15 off each razor handle purchased...
  16. Eskimo

    15% discount through Father's Day at Elite Razor

    In honor of Memorial Day and Fathers Day, we are offering 15% off all in stock custom pieces at Elite Razor. Visit my site at http://www.eliterazor.com from today through Father's Day and enter the code spring2015 at checkout to receive your discount. Please pause for a moment on Memorial Day...
  17. Eskimo

    Can I get your opinion on a handle design?

    I was making some minor modifications on my standard handle design and found that the result worked both ways. Do you like the wider portion of the handle at the: 1) Head 2) Tail Thanks, Bob
  18. Eskimo

    Custom Damascus Steel Progress at Elite Razor

    Just completed is this very special razor. This custom Merkur Progress razor features a handcrafted handle and adjustment knob of Damascus Steel, which technology only recently made available in a form that may be worked into a razor handle. Traditional Damascus Steel is a type of steel...
  19. Eskimo

    New Handles and Brushes at Elite Razor

    Several new pieces have just been added to my site. Please see these and more at http://www.eliterazor.com. 24mm Silvertip Multi-colored brush. The 24mm knot shown is set at a 50mm loft. I can also adjust this handle to accept a 26mm knot. Carbon and Red Copper handle Carbon and Gold...
  20. Eskimo

    20% off all razor handles at elite razor through labor day!

    Dress up your razor with a new handle. Through Labor Day, all in stock razor handles are 20% off. Enter the Coupon Code Labor14 at checkout to receive your discount. In addition to all the razor handles listed on my site (www.eliterazor.com), I've also just added a few new brushes in both old...
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