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  1. Shavely Manden

    Oh you Chubby 2

    You won't regret it. I have CH2's in Best, Two-band, and Synthetic, and the Best really is the stand-out of the lot. (Though no surprise there...Simpson Best is one of my favorite hairs...I love me some scrub.) Does that include other almond-scented soaps? The almond scent seems like the thing...
  2. Shavely Manden

    name me some good gillette razors, bit confused

    For the Superspeeds, the tip color indicates aggressiveness. Blue tip is milder than normal Superspeeds, and red is more aggresive. Red tips are quite popular, so they might run a little more expensive than your average Superspeed.
  3. Shavely Manden

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Just plain ol' hamburgers and chips tonight...nothing too interesting, save that I usually put some Japanese mayonnaise on mine...much more flavorful than American mayo.
  4. Shavely Manden

    name me some good gillette razors, bit confused

    I think most vintage Gillettes are going to be good, depending on what you're going for...maybe avoid the very late ones from the '80s where they're partially plastic, but even those have their fans. I'm a huge fan of my Gillette NEW (a model from the '30s), but I'm a big fan of aggressive...
  5. Shavely Manden

    Sunken Treasure

    A bit ironic coming a day after an actual nor'easter hit New England. I might have to try Captain's Choice soap sometime...I didn't know it was a croap, and I do love me a good croap. And I have a bottle of his Bay Rum, so I know from experience he's got some good products.
  6. Shavely Manden

    Simpsons "Platinum Grade" synthetic questions

    I got a Chubby 2 synth from Maggard's on Black Friday, and my one complaint about it is that it's really soft. It's honestly surprised me how much I like it otherwise (based on one shave since I got it, so take with a grain of salt), but I just wish it were scrubby. I think nothing's ever going...
  7. Shavely Manden

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Simpson's Chubby CH2 in synthetic, newly delivered today from Maggard's Black Friday sale.
  8. Shavely Manden

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  9. Shavely Manden

    Omega Brush’s

    I have the Jade 011842 from Connaught, and it's an absolutely wonderful brush. Definitely one of my favorite brushes.
  10. Shavely Manden

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  11. Shavely Manden

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  12. Shavely Manden

    Baker's Dozen - Musical Corruption

    Your song is cooking something up! 1. Wok Don't Run ... The Ventures 2. Take It Over Easy ... The Eagles 3. Smells like Bar-B-Q... Nirvana 4. Whipped Cream ... Benny Bell
  13. Shavely Manden

    Fan=face, bulb=bowl

    Interesting notion...come to think of it, I do have a lot of fans, and I almost exclusively face lather. Then again, my favorite brush of all time, a vintage Ever Ready reknotted with TGN finest, is very much a bulb, so YMMV, I guess. Though I think you've really hit the nail on the head with...
  14. Shavely Manden

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  15. Shavely Manden

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  16. Shavely Manden

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  17. Shavely Manden

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  18. Shavely Manden

    Baker's Dozen-Corrupt a Title-Books Edition

    Your book became a mystery. 1. Who was the Catcher in the Rye? 2. Winnie the Who? 3. Wondering Heights 4. The Clues of the Fisherman 5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Murder
  19. Shavely Manden

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  20. Shavely Manden

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