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    Simpson Colonel X2L vs CommodoreX3

    I’m looking for a badger brush for bowl lathering, which will be a better option? Colonel or commodore X3? I’m open to other options in the same price range.
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    What are your top 3 favorite scents from Declaration Grooming?

    What's your favorite scent from Declaration?
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    Viktor&Ralf Spice Bomb Shaving Soap

    Can anybody suggest a Spice Bomb-smelling shaving soap that perform well too? Does declaration have anything in their lineup?
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    Acqua di Parma BARBIERE Emulsion

    Has anybody tried the AdP Barbiere emulsion? Is the the consistency more like a balm or splash? It's listed under $40 on many discounters. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P6XLCP7/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A3JHT1U3QMO9EG&psc=1
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    What are your Favorite Designer and Niche Aftershaves from Famous Fragrance Houses?

    Mine are Dior Homme Eau, terre d'hermes, AdP Colonia Essenza
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    Acqua Di Parma from Allbeauty

    All is this website legit? Any reputable discounters offering AdP creams...
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    If shaving oil is so bad for badger hair why companies like Simpson offer them?

    When I first started shaving I'd apply pre-shave oil to my skin and rinse it off before face lathering. recently I started adding a few drops of oil to my lather. I bowel lather first and then add a few drops of oil and mix it in. It makes the lather feel so silky and luxurious. I've read that...
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    Who makes the best Brush scuttle? PAA, Dirty bird, Moss?

    Do you have any experience with these scuttles? Can I use them with larger knot brushes like chubby 2? https://phoenixartisanaccoutrements.com/collections/scuttles/products/phoenix-shaving-moonscape-brush-scuttle-a-classic-face-lathering-tool-ceramic...
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    Best Simpson Brush for face lathering

    What's your favorite Simpson brush for face lathering? These are the ones I'm trying to decide between: Chubby CH2 Best $116 Duke 3 Best $80 Duke 2 Best $70 Commodore X3 Best $60 Colonel X2L $49 Berkeley 46 $35 Wee Scot Best $37
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