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    FS Timeless and Karve bundle

    am offering these two razors together in order to keep postage costs per razor low. I am ready to ship EU/UK. Razors: 1) Timeless 0.95 oc polished 2) Karve with D plate polished. Handle 9 cm. Razors are used of course and they have minor usage marks. No boxes. Price for these two premium...
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    FS Karve polished ss with D plate

    This the polished version with sb D plate. No box. Plate has some signs of use and a tiny mark on top cap. So tiny that does not really appear on photos. I am asking 140 eur delivered to EU/UK. Thanks for looking!
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    FS Karve ss polished (Europe)

    Hello, I have given this razor a fair chance but I just can't make it work. It just does not suit my way of shaving somehow. This is the polished version with D sb plate.Handle is 3.5. No box. The plate has some visible imperfections and cap has tiny tiny scratch ( I assume earlier owner has...
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    FS Karve brass set (Europe)

    Hi, I have for sale Karve brass with 5 plates and stand. Plates: SB: c,d,e OC: c,e Some patina but that can easily removed with toothpaste. Handle is 3.5" and has a small dent on the bottom. I am asking 130 eur delivered to EU/UK. I am selling this because I have Karve in stainless incoming...
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    FS Timeless Bronze 0.38 & 0.78 (Europe)

    Dear members, I offer Timeless Bronze with both base plates and stand for sale. This is unfortunately for sale in Europe only. I am asking 170 eur shipped to EU/ UK. Payment by Paypal F&F pls. Thanks and regards!
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    FS ATT Windsor H1 polished (Europe)

    Hello. I have for sale Windsor H1 from Above The Tie. This is the polished version. Condition is mint. I am asking 170 eur delivered to EU. Payment with Paypal F&F pls. I will add 100 Voskhod de blades for free as extra. Cheers, Sausage
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    FS Timeless 0.68 scalloped (Europe only)

    Timeless 0.68 scalloped base plate with smooth top cap and dimpled handle. Polished. Condition mint. Includes box and I will add Muhle razor and brush stand as a gift. I am asking 170 eur delivered to EU/UK. Payment by Paypal F&F pls. Thanks for looking
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    FSOT Timeless 0.95 (Europe only)

    I offer for sale this mint conditioned Timeless 0.95 closed comb in polished finishing. Cap is scalloped and handle knurled version. Includes Timeless box. I am open for trades for another premium razor like Tatara Nodachi / Blackbird / Carbon / etc. I am asking 170 eur delivered to EU / UK...
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    WTB Timeless 0.95 sb base plate only

    Hi, if anyone has for sale Timeless 0.95 sb plate, pls contact me. I live in Finland. cheers Sausage
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    FS ATT set (Europe only)

    Hello! I offer for sale ATT set with Atlas handle including following plates: M1 and M2 R1 and R2 H1 Comes with original box. Shipping to UK/EU included in price. I am asking 160 eur delivered. Thanks!
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    FS SOLD Timeless, Rex and Tatara Nodachi.(only Europe)

    These are for sale in Europe. Timeless 0.95 sb matte finish with 85 mm dimpled handle. I bought it from Timeless s&d. Condition is great. Asking 120 eur delivered. SOLD Rex Ambassador N series. Condition great. Asking 160 eur delivered. SOLD Tatara Nodachi and stand. Condition is mint. Asking...
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    FS UK/EU only: 3 razors & Shavemac

    Gents, I would like to sell all of these together. All items are in excellent condition. I can send more pictures just ask. All items come with original boxes. - Tracked delivery by Finnish post (but no insurance unless buyer pays it) - i am willing to send to UK/EU - paypal F&F I am asking...
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    Muhle Rocca 2018 improved version

    So Muhle has made another new version of Rocca razor. I think it is version 3. It has been in production since May. I was wondering is here anyone who has this newer version and also older version? is the shaving any different now?
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    Which Rockwell 6s plate matches Feather AS-D2?

    Hello, I would be interested to know your opinions about which Rockwell 6S plate matches Feather AS-D2 a) in terms of agressiveness b) in terms of efficiency What i have read online there are some saying that #2 or 3#. Some have made comparisons also with #1. I have 6S and I get good shaves...
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    Merkur 25c

    Hello! I am interested in this open comb razor. I have read many reviews about it but they get me more confused. So I am asking if here at B&B someones actually use it and how they find the shave? I have read that some find this razor too mild ? I personally like Muhle R41 2013 a lot. I am not...
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