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  1. Rudy Vey

    GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

    The stabilized Bog Oak has finally arrived back here in the Vey house. This whole ordeal took now from ordering in the second half of November to get here in early February. But, now its here. There are already brushes in it promised, but I have material for a few more brushes.
  2. Rudy Vey

    Shavemac order

    I am contemplating to make another order with Shavemac soon. If someone is interested in knots, let me know as soon as you can. At the moment, I plan on making this order mid February (depending on number of knots, this may be faster or slower). Email me to: [email protected]
  3. Rudy Vey

    Bog Oak

    I remember that some guys were interested in a bog oak handled brush. As it looks I will be getting some nice pieces in early-mid next month. They will be then send out for resin stabilization. There might be wood for some 4-5 brushes. If interested, let me know, first come-first serve.
  4. Rudy Vey

    New Muehle order came in

    Muehle rally delivers fast...ordered last week and got the delivery yesterday. The new batch of 23 mm STF knots do not longer have the ring, so they can be set at lower lofts if required. They now look like the discontinued 25 mm STF, too bad they did drop this size without replacement. So, now...
  5. Rudy Vey

    No more Muehle 25 mm STF knots

    I just got an email from Muehle with some bad news: they do no longer make the 25 mm STF knot!! This was the one I used the most and I know you guys liked it as well a lot. Send them an email back and asked if they have a replacement in the size planned. Hope they do....but in the mean time, I...
  6. Rudy Vey

    Final Shavemac order for this year

    I am doing a final order from Shavemac for this year. If someone has a request for a brush with any Shavemac knot from me, or want to buy some knots, now is your chance to get in. Contact me via pm here, or better, with email to: [email protected]
  7. Rudy Vey

    Shavemac Order...

    I tentatively planning another order from Shavemac. If someone is interested to add a knot to the order, let me know. At this time, I think about end of this month/ early next month. Please, email me to u[email protected] or pm here
  8. Rudy Vey

    Some new Muehle STF coming to the RVShaving shop soon!!

    Just got confirmation and paid for a delivery of both 21 and 25 mm Muehle STF knots. Knowing how fast they ship, I expect them to be here next week.
  9. Rudy Vey

    Shavemac Limited Edition has finally arrived!!!!

    After nearly seven (!!!) weeks, my new Shavemac, the limited edition "The Tribute" has arrived. I had feared the package was lost together with some knots I had ordered. Bernd made this brush to honor his late father, the brush is a design by the father, Karl Blos, and made by the son, Bernd...
  10. Rudy Vey


    I plan on making an order from Shavemac for knots. This time, I need to get to a certain number of knots to fill my order. If someone is planning on having a brush made, now is the time to get in on this order. Standard for me is to order the Two-band silvertip in the most common sizes, and...
  11. Rudy Vey


    ...have already arrived, it was much faster than I anticipated! I expected them to be here in early -mid March. Beautiful as ever, soft and stuffed with fibers. The loft can be set from 52-58 mm, but I think the best is around 54/55 mm - which gives a nice back bone, but not too bad!! At the...
  12. Rudy Vey

    Some good news from Muehle!!

    Contacted Muehle for more 25 mm STF knots, and I am happy to report that I will be getting a delivery early-mid March. So, nobody has to worry, I will be able to offer this knot for the future in my brushes!!
  13. Rudy Vey


    Wishing all my customers - past and future - a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the turkeys and all the fixings....
  14. Rudy Vey

    Upcoming Shavemac Knot Order

    I am running low on some of my Shavemac knots and plan on doing an order soon. If you wanted a knot or two added to my order, let me know. I can give you a price quote for your order. Let me know soon, as I plan on making the order within the next week/ten days, so it gets here before the...
  15. Rudy Vey

    Shavemac Knot Order

    I am going to order Shavemac knots around the end of August/beginning of September. If someone is interested to get his hands on a Shavemac knot or two, let me know. Contact me via pm here or send an email to: [email protected]
  16. Rudy Vey

    Exhibition grade Amboyna Burl on hand

    I was able to pick up a piece of resin stabilized Amboyna Burl. The piece is of stunning figure and has the highest exhibition grade ratings, exceptional piece which will yield some exquisite brush handles. Contact me for further info and pictures if needed.
  17. Rudy Vey

    Shavemac Knot Order upcoming

    Gents, I plan on ordering Shavemac knots on or about Memorial Day. If you have the need for a restore or even a new brush, contact me. All grades and sizes of Badger hair knot can be ordered. Please, contact me by Saturday/Sunday before Memorial Day to get your order in.
  18. Rudy Vey

    Big Display brush

    Seen in Paris the other day, a cutlery store that also had shaving items: Muehle and Plisson brushes and a lot of straight razors, plus a humongous selection of very, very nice knives. This one was displayed and I guess the total heights was a good 8-9". Nice looking brush!!
  19. Rudy Vey


    ..in a German pharmacy seen yesterday at DM: Ladies Shaving is advertised (Damenrasur).
  20. Rudy Vey

    Den purge: B&M Soaps

    Way too much stuff in the Vey house, so some items must go. I posted this also on the BST, but post it here now, too. This is a lot of B&M Soaps, they are all used very little (maybe less than 5 times each), so pretty new. The weight is the actual weight of soap and its container. Here is what I...
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