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  1. walto

    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Not only a nurse. Today I shaved with Genco Red Cross.
  2. walto

    Dremmel Mishap -> First "Shorty"

    It happend to me too when I was not concentrated about the blade and the rotation of the dremel tool. I made a magnetic jig (similar to http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=149499&highlight=magnetic) to hold the blade while sanding/polishing. The blade stays in contact with the jig and...
  3. walto

    new straight razor cleanup help

    If it is a new razor, maybe some grime during the honing process got caught between the scales and the shank. Try dental floss (there is some kind of thicker and elastic floss named bridges & implants) to remove it. An ultrasonic cleaner could also get the dirt.
  4. walto

    Taylor's Eye Witness 4/8

    You put a lot of work into the Taylor's. It is always a difficult decision how far you go with polishing up an old blade. Especially when there is some etching which you don't want to loose. I would not mind about a bent tang. That part is usually not touching the stones during honing.
  5. walto

    How do you stabilize wood?

    Industrial impregnation is done with resin under vacuum/high pressure. The resin fills all pores of the wood. This makes the wood resistant to water and other environmental influences. The stabilized wood has a higher density and is much harder. Applying CA is only superficial, but it is a...
  6. walto

    I'd like to make a paddle strop

    I use Pattex Repair Extreme. It allows strong but flexible bondings. I am not sure if it's available outside of EU.
  7. walto

    I think I screwed up my blade

    If you don't find any chips on the edge after a thorough visual inspection you can still shave with the razor. A blade that does not pass the HHT can still shave ok. If you find the blade duller than usually and the test shave is unpleasant you can still send it out for honing.
  8. walto

    Which grit should I use?

    You will use your pasted strop when you notice that the straight gets duller. You feel an unpleasant pulling of hairs instead of cutting. There is no schedule for using a pasted strop. It depends on how often you use the straight and it also depends on your shaving technique. (With more...
  9. walto

    Should I treat my strop in any way before use?

    That happened to me and to many others too. And most probably it will not be the last nick you cut into the strop. Just go slow and keep the blade on the strop and do the turn around the spine. Concentrate on the stropping stroke. The goal is to strop a straight razor to keep it shave ready...
  10. walto

    Zephyr's straight shave journey

    Good to hear you made such a good start. With time you will improve your technique (using very little pressure, keeping a low angle) and razor burn wil be no issue anymore.
  11. walto

    Strop/honing/paste question

    Hello Zephyr, the pastes I sent you are Solingen brand stropping pastes. I did not need them and I included them as freebie for you. (Sometimes the shipping costs exeed the value of the pastes if you order them separately) You will not need the pastes for the next couple of weeks. The...
  12. walto

    First (successful) Restoration

    That is a great job on the razors! Unless you want to cut many scales per day, a coping saw is all you need. I use it to cut wood and acrylic scales. I even use it on very hard woods as ebony or pink ivory. I just have to use more saw blades on this woods. The coping saw is a really cheap...
  13. walto

    My First Restore/Rescale

    Great work :thumbup1:
  14. walto

    Engraving - Practice

    That looks absolutely stunning. I rate it 10/10.
  15. walto

    Honing on a budget.

    The 15 micron films are about the grit size as a Shapton 1000 glass hone. The 5 micron films have a similar grit size as Shaptons 3000 hones. As you see you have big gaps in your progression. The 15 µm films can be used to set a bevel. From there you will need something to fill the gap to the...
  16. walto

    Honing on a budget.

    IMHO lapping films are a good way to start honing if you have only a few razors to keep shave ready. Since you have some lower grit stones you can get 3µm and 1µm Aluminium oxide lapping films to cover the higher grits after the 3000 grit hone. The dimension of 1 sheet usually is...
  17. walto

    Solingen Razor Co.?

    In the beginning of the 20th century there were about 9000 companies which produced blades according to http://www.schneidwaren-solingen.de/herstellerdesc/guede.htm (in german) I don't know how many of them made straight razors, but I think there were many. Some of them also produced...
  18. walto

    Honing out chips

    To hone out small chips I use 3 layers of tape on the spine on a low grit hone. When the chips have disappeared (use thumb nail test) I remove 2 layers tape and do ~ 20 strokes on the low grit stone. 325 in your case. Then I proceed to higher grits keeping 1 layer on the spine.
  19. walto

    Gold Wash/Plating question

    I find using a gold plated straight is not more complicated than using one without gold plating. Maintenance is about the same. You just need to be a bit more careful when wiping it dry so you do not wipe down the plating. But you will not wipe the blade vigorously anyway. You can not use any...
  20. walto

    Shaving with Non-Dominant Hand

    I only feel comfortable shaving my left cheek with the straight in my left hand. All other I hold the straight in my dominant (right) hand.
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