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  1. hermy65

    WTB: Tabula Rasa Steampunk - B&M Vetiver, Heather & Clary Sage

    Im looking to acquire both a tub of Tabula Rasa Steampunk and a tub of Barrister & Mann Vetiver, Heather and Clary Sage soap Let me know if you have one you would like to move.
  2. hermy65

    WTB - Cold River Soapworks Winter, Paradise

    Im looking to acquire these two soap, if you have it and would be willing to sell it let me know. I also have a few soaps/aftershaves i could trade too
  3. hermy65

    WTB: Ikon Sharecaft 102 head / Ikon SE Handle

    Title says it all, i want to buy both a 102 head and a SE handle. Does not need to be from the same person although that would be helpful.
  4. hermy65

    Soap recommendations?

    Hey Everyone! I have been wet shaving for a handful of years and loving it. However, I had a few kids and haven't been around B&B for a while and last night i realized that i have missed quite a bit of new products. I need to order some new soaps and maybe some new splashes and am hoping you...
  5. hermy65

    Handle Style?

    Im jonesing for a new M&F brush but for the life of me I cannot come up with a handle style to get. I have a Lee7 and I love the hell out of it and I was all set to get an Emillion style now but after doing some thinking, maybe im missing other cool handle styles. Any other neat looking handles...
  6. hermy65

    Splash Recommendation?

    Looking to pick up 1 or 2 new splashes to try out. Right now my go to is the floid line, blue in particular or Alt Innsbruk. I have tried 4711 but I did not care for it. Any others i should try out?
  7. hermy65

    Lee7 Brushes?

    Ive seen some of these brushes on here and they look gorgeous but I cannot find where to buy one at. Anybody willing to spill the secret?
  8. hermy65

    DIY Smoker?

    Has anybody here ever built a homemade smoker by chance? Im thinking about getting into smoking but figured building one may be a better option than buying one. Thoughts?
  9. hermy65

    Brush suggestions

    Im thinking about picking up a Thater before Phil runs out of them over at bullgoose. Ive never had a nice badger, in fact the only one i have ever had was an EJ BBB and ive since fell in love with my SOC boar and Semogue 2011 LE boar. However, i think it would be neat to try out a nice badger...
  10. hermy65

    i Coloniali soap

    I just picked up a dish of the mango oil soap from the Italian Barber and for the life of me I cannot make decent larger with it. I don't suppose someone here can make a bowl lather video for this stuff, perhaps brucered if he has some? If not, any suggestions?
  11. hermy65

    Soaking MWF

    I just picked up my first puck of MWF and have read here a few times that people say you are supposed to soak it before use. Are you guys referring to just putting a couple drops of water on top of it and letting it soak like you would a triple milled soap or are you referring to actually...
  12. hermy65

    I think its time...

    To switch completely to soaps. When I started a little over a year ago i couldnt make soaps work, now i dont seem to enjoy my shaves with creams anymore. So...I have some P.160, XXX and some AoS soap....any recommendations of some really good soaps?
  13. hermy65

    New watch suggestions?

    Im looking for a new watch and am hoping some of you guys could help recommend some brands to me, albeit im not sure what im looking for is what people generally ask for around these parts. Im looking for a metal band and something fairly stylish and unique. Im currently wearing a Nixon...
  14. hermy65

    Floid Blue

    Ive always been a balm guy but i picked up a sample of the Floid's from Garry this week and the blue isnt too bad. Ive only used it once so far and i liked it but im not sure if it was the best thing ive ever tried. Is it worth buying a bottle of it from Joe since it has been discontinued even...
  15. hermy65

    Boar recommendation?

    Ive been using a Rudy Vey custom for quite some time now and think i would like to try out a boar brush now. What would you guys recommend? Im going to be using it with my DB 1.5 scuttle as well
  16. hermy65

    Used Cologne?

    Are there any forums that have a B/S/T type section for cologne? I want to try a sample of Acca Kappa 1869 cologne but cannot for the life of me find one anywhere. I was hoping one of you gentlemen might have some hidden resource that you could direct me to in hopes of finding what im looking for.
  17. hermy65

    brush handle recommendations

    Im in the process of looking for a new brush, i would like one with a longer handle then a chubby1 has, i also have big hands so a bigger handle would be nice too at the present time im thinking silvertip, any recommendations?
  18. hermy65


    I would like to purchase some new fragrances, i think i like citrus style fragrances. I picked up a sample of Green Irish Tweed but my wife really does not like it. Im looking for some good recommendations that would fit a 27 year old and not break the bank. Right now my go to is D&G Light...
  19. hermy65

    EdP, EdT, Cologne??

    Ive tried to read up on the differences between those 3 items but cannot for the life of me find anything good on them. Can one of you fine gentlemen explain the differences to me and/or which one is the one to usually buy?
  20. hermy65

    Stepping into the realm of fragrances...

    So im thinking about picking up some fragrances now that im comfortable with wet shaving, however...i have no idea where to start. Can you guys recommend me some good fragrances to start with that wont break the bank? Also, what is the difference between cologne, edt, and edp?
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