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    Electric smoker and creosote buildup question

    I have had the main smoker for a couple of years now and really like it except fo the fact that you had to keep feeding it wood chips in small quantities. About 6 months ago got my hands on the add on slow smoke box, which it nice because I can smoke at a lower temp and it holds enough chips to...
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    Wanting to restore a couple of old air guns, looking for some help.

    I want to do more shooting this year so I am going to add some air guns to the rotation. I want to bring my Daisy Champion 99 rifle which was mine as a kid, it is 40+ years old. I think I can work on this one myself just need to trouble shoot it and get the parts. It cocks and fires just has...
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    Help, positive thoughts and guidance to under go my next task I need to get thru.

    I need some encouragement and guidance for a task I have been needing to do since the historic floor of 2016. It took 11 months to get the house back together and just finished the garage during the beginning of the pandemic. I need to clean up, straighten, and figure out what I need to do with...
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    Battery Help use and storage AA AAA C D

    I have just started in the last year or so having trouble with batteries. I am not sure if it is because I currently live in Louisiana, used to live in the midwest. Did I get a couple of bad batches to are batteries just cheap now. I bought 60 packs of AA and AAA batteries maybe 3 years ago but...
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    Having problem with Shave Shack shipment Anyone Else?

    I ordered 5 items form Shave Shack in Texas the order went thru and they sent the normal emails. Got an email or 4/17 that said packaged delivered and a package was on my porch. The package only had 3 of the 5 items I ordered no paperwork no explanation. The email did not mention anything about...
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    FT Looking for Chocolate Bourbon Aftershave

    I am looking for Chocolate Bourbon Aftershave from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, but also might be open to other brands. I have several items I would be will to trade for: Vintage razors too many to list but I have several different brands and models. Such as Gillette, Merkur, Schick, etc...
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    Help with Kitchen knife storage.

    I am wanting to get one of the knife organizers that go in to a drawer. I am expanding my collection of Zwilling K.A. Henckels knives and want to protect them. Like this one: Or this: I want the storage to be safe for me and the knives. With the slotted one I am not keen about storing the...
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    Rocket Fire Log

    I have seen small rocket log setups for boiling a pot of water and such. I decided to make a large one. The log I used was 24" across and 60" tall. I drilled 1 hole from the top and one in the side to meet in the middle. Got the largest and longest wood drill bit I owned and was able to drill an...
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    Windshield wiper blades refills a thing of the past.

    Everyone sells windshield wiper replacement blades but no one sells refills any more that I can find easily. I hate to keep having to buy the whole blade when the only thing that goes bad is the rubber. Does anyone know who sells refills for blades?
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    Need advise on portable generator for house.

    I am replacing a generator that was damaged during the flood of 2016 and then was stolen in 2107. Too long of a story for now. I have owner 2 different generators in the past and have always had generator transfer switch in my house for emergency back up power. I have bought 2 generators and...
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    Gillette Atra Metal Handle no date code

    I was going thru a box of things that we packed up before our last move and well it has been a couple of years so I probably do not need it. Then I found this in the box. I do not remember where it came from. I was curious to figure out the date and the handle has no markings at all on it. I...
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    Employer wants me to work overnights I don't want to any thoughts

    I work in retail and I am part of a 3 person department that takes care of displays, resets of merchandise and some misc. We are behind on tasks so my managers manager want us to work overnights until we get caught up. The reason we are behind has to do with several factors that are out of our...
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    Noticed differences in Gillette Aristocrat Bell End Razor

    I have 2 Gillette Aristocrat Bell End or Flare razor. The one on the right in all of the photos is from 1917 and the one on the left is 1914. The end of the 1917 is more rounded. The 1914 weighs 1.80 oz and the 1917 1.79 oz which is not anything. The 1914 does not have the Gillette logo on it...
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    Help to identify older Rooney Brush.

    I have not been able to find out any info on this brush. Which means I am looking in the wrong places. I have included a couple of photos. The bottom of the brush is stamped "<R> England" and the end of the box is stamped "2961". Can any one enlighten me on age, model or type? Thanks
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    Finally finished shave den remodel.

    Just got done adding the finishing touches to the master bath. The contractor installed the counter top, the free standing tub and the walk in shower. I did the vanity installation myself. The bathroom has 2 vanities on either end one for the her and one for me. I use the cabinet on the left for...
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    Look for a custom made humidor

    This might be a long shot. I am looking for a vendor or person that makes humidors. Back in the August flood I lost my humidor and cigar, yes I only had 1 cigar left in my humidor and was ready to restock it. Since I am in the need of a new humidor I was wanting something special not just off...
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    Need help finding these 7 o'clock super platinum blades.

    I had these blades kicking around for several years. I got them in with a lot of stuff. I finally got around to trying them and have found these blades to work great for me but I am not sure what they are. I was able to get over 20 4 pass shaves from each blade. I usually get 3 to 6 shaves from...
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    Question about Wilkinson Sword Edge razor unusual design.

    I was doing a search for something else and came across a paragraph talking about a Wilkinson Sword edge razor. The razor is a TTO design. The article said that they were made late 1950's but never marketed because the had some problems. Anyone know more information about them or ever use one.
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    Suggestions for Kentucky Bourbons only found in Kentucky.

    I am looking for suggestions for Kentucky bourbons that are only found in Kentucky or limited to a few states. I have lives in Kentucky for a few years and the time has come for my family to relocate to Baton Rouge. I would like to pick up a couple of bottles before I move so that I will have...
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    Bought Tea off Ebay now I have question?

    I made an impulse purchase on Ebay. I bought 2008 Menghai 7562 Classics Aged Pu’er Puerh Ripe Brick Tea 250g. I drink a lot of Gunpowder tea and thought I would try something new. What do I do with it? How long should I sweep it?
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