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  1. Ramathorn

    Espresso Machine placement - under cabinet clearance for water tank.

    Not sure if this would work for you, a friend had an appliance garage installed when he did their kitchen. It has a heavy duty slide out tray. He has his coffee maker and toaster in there. Opens the door and pulls the tray out to use the appliances.
  2. Ramathorn

    Canada Only PIF

    Woohoo! Congratulations @Besbro. Thanks Captain for the excellent PIF.
  3. Ramathorn

    Canada Only PIF

    I'm freezing up here! Thanks for the PIF Scott. I always watch the CONUS ones with envy. Good luck to every one that enters.
  4. Ramathorn

    The "Miami Vice" electric shaver

    I vaguely remember something called the "Miami DeVice" electric razor that gave just the right amount of 5 o'clock shadow. It didn't interest me.
  5. Ramathorn

    Den-clearing PIF

    This is a very generous PIF @bcgradstudent. Thank you. Good luck to all who enter. Not in.
  6. Ramathorn

    What is the significance of your Avatar?

    I apologize for taking this off topic, but i do like to show the Jeep. This is my daughter and I summer of 2020. 1947 CJ2A.
  7. Ramathorn

    What is the significance of your Avatar?

    My avatar was created to represent the engine in Willys Jeeps. The engine is known as the "Go Devil". It is a 134 cid inline 4 cylinder flathead. My 1947 Willys CJ2A has that engine.
  8. Ramathorn

    Trying to hold out

    Do a search for "glue stick for moustache" and you'll see a bunch of results and see what has worked for others.
  9. Ramathorn

    Trying to hold out

    @trentr, I am partway into cultivating a handlebar moustache again. I forgot what a pain it is training and maintaining. I will say that I cannot stand getting any of it into my mouth. Mine is trimmed so that I do not get moustache hair in my mouth. I tried several waxes a couple of years ago...
  10. Ramathorn

    Show Us Those Motorcycles

    2019 Road Glide
  11. Ramathorn

    What are you listening to?

  12. Ramathorn

    On the Lathe

    Beautiful handle!! Great work Steve.
  13. Ramathorn

    Tales for spoiled brats

    Our black and white tv came with three remotes....... my siblings and I. The best part was that we had to walk 11 feet, both ways, through thick shag carpet just to change the channel or adjust the volume. It even felt like it was uphill both ways.
  14. Ramathorn

    PIF - 2 Soaps = 2 Winners; Ends Sat. June 6 at Midnight

    Another great PIF @facetime. Thanks you. Respectfully not in.
  15. Ramathorn

    PIF - 2 Brushes(Travel) = 2 Winners; Ends Sat. June 6 at Midnight

    I'm in for either. Thanks for the opportunity, @facetime
  16. Ramathorn

    Shipping from Australia to US

    I made a purchase from that site and had a long wait for my parcel to make from Australia to Canada as well. I waited until the estimated arrival date and then informed the seller that it had not arrived. I figured that as long as I stayed in communication and messaged through the website, I'd...
  17. Ramathorn

    PIF: Gillette handle for Trac II/GII (Canada)

    I finally got to my mailbox after a long work week to find a package from @Jopo. Thank you. I'm going to give it a spin later today.
  18. Ramathorn

    PIF: Gillette handle for Trac II/GII (Canada)

    Thank you very much @Jopo
  19. Ramathorn

    PIF: Gillette handle for Trac II/GII (Canada)

    Great PIF @Jopo. I'm in. I haven't experienced the Trac II yet. Thanks.
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