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  1. walto

    Breaking in leather for strop

    I just got cowhide leather (2,5mm thick) and cut out a strip of 75mm width and 550mm lenght. I want to use this as hanging strop. I am not sure if I want to apply pastes or use it without pastes. Some people recommend to break in the leather. I found differnt techniques for that task. Some use...
  2. walto

    Honing with lapping film and micro mesh

    After starting to shave with a straight I got more interested in straight razors. I would like to get some old razors from ebay and add them to my collection. I also would like to make them ready for shaving. Browsing this forum I found some threads about lapping films and micro mesh. They seem...
  3. walto

    Traditional Straight vs Feather Artist Club: A Beginners view

    I just started shaving with a straight razor and tried a 6/8 full hollow shave-ready honed and a Feather AC with a ProGuard blade. I have done 2 shaves with each razor. First impressions: The traditional straight razor has a rather big blade which is not so easy to manouever. The razor...
  4. walto

    Travel brush. Help needed

    I look for a new travel brush. I have a Vulfix Nylon brush which is a bit too sloppy and soft. It is OK for lathering in a bowl, but since I switched to face lathering it is too sloppy. I thought about getting another synthetic brush. I thought about an Omega synthetic brush (90018 or 90081)...
  5. walto

    Lights, Camera, Action: First straight razor shave

    After switching from cartridge to DE razors I became interested in shaving with a straight razor. I read what I could get about this topic and thought myself properly prepared (theoretically). I got a shave ready razor and could not wait to try it. Before I started I called my friends at the...
  6. walto

    1st DE shave with Merkur HD without problems

    I started DE shaving about a month ago. Since I started I tried different types of razors. First I used a Wilkonson Classic. When I discovered that I liked the idea of shaving with a DE razor I soon got my first Gilette. That one gave me a smooth shave with just a light irritation in some...
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