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  1. BigD

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year!!!!! May blessings and mercy fall upon all of you, your families, your neighbors, and your friends.
  2. BigD

    Shave 365 for a Nacet with Sugardaddy!

    Congratulations to @sugardaddy 365 shaves on one Nacet!!!! Great Video!
  3. BigD

    Something Expensively Interesting

    I went down a rabbit hole studying Target and their Target Canada fiasco and wound up finding this badboy $405 anyone? Going to have to make a hard pass on this one, ladies and gentleman. Unless this thing can magically give you the best lather out of any soap with just a touch, really don't...
  4. BigD

    Look What I Found

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YFXSV81/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yep, I have one on the way.
  5. BigD

    New, Cremo Shave Stick

    Anyone seen these or have tried it? https://cremocompany.com/mens-shave/original-shave-stick https://cremocompany.com/mens-shave/cooling-shave-stick
  6. BigD

    Proraso Green and Red Under Another Name?

    Found this on Amazon. Anyone have a clue what the heck is going on?
  7. BigD

    There's a Wet Shaving Club

    So, apparently there is a Wet Shaving Club. I checked out the websites and most of the products are Merkur, Parker, or renamed Baili. Well, I think I found a gem in the rough. Apparently they have an Artisan Safety Razor. A stainless steel, made in the USA, Safety razor. Anyway, they were...
  8. BigD

    BigD's Occam's DE Razor Review

    My review of the Occam’s DE Razor Review I wasn’t really planning on buying this razor, but I had read somewhere that it was on sale and a pretty good razor for the price. Since I was a first time buyer from Classic Shaving I also received another discount on top of the already highly...
  9. BigD

    If You Could Do It?

    Let's play a game based upon a hypothetical financial situation. Through out your life you've sacrificed. You've invested. You've gone without. You've thrown everything you could into investing for your future. Now your investment gains are out weighing your work income. Your work income...
  10. BigD

    BigD's Blackland Blackbird Review

    My review of the @Blackland Razors Blackbird Razor Review I’ve coveted this razor for over a year now. I kept talking myself out of purchasing this due to having the Rockwell 6S. I sat down and looked at the grander scheme of things in my life and figured it was worth the splurge to buy this...
  11. BigD

    Popeye Shave Products?

    Found this on Amazon. Anyone have any news or insights on this?
  12. BigD

    BigD's Rockwell 6S Jet Black Review

    My review of the Rockwell 6S Jet Back Razor Review I’ve used the Rockwell 6S for over a year now. It is my first high end razor. I have yet to find another razor that is as versatile, efficient, and as smooth as this razor. The Blackland Sabre comes close, and is a great piece of kit, but...
  13. BigD

    BigD's Colonel Conk Natural Shave Soap Santa Fe Cedar Review

    Continuing my shave soap and cream reviews; This is my review of Colonel Conk Natural Line Santa Fe Cedar Shave Soap. Products used during the shower and shave were as follows; Ivory Bar Soap DSC Face Wash Neutrogena Face Scrub Colonel Conk Natural Line Santa Fe Cedar Shave Soap Q-Shave...
  14. BigD

    I Gave Into the RAD

    Well, I gave into the RAD. I've been eyeballing a @Blackland Razors Blackbird for over a year now. I have their Sabre which I love. Well, just pulled the trigger. As I was typing this @Blackland Razors emailed me and refunded me a percentage of my purchase for a military discount. I called...
  15. BigD

    Colonel Conk's Natural Shave Soap Line

    @Colonel Conk Your Natural Shave Soap line, is this still an ongoing thing? I'm seeing stock online for deep discounts, sometimes only one flavor available, and your website only shows the Natural Shave Cream, not the soap. I have FOMO real bad on this one. Sincerely, BigD
  16. BigD

    Things BigD has Learned in the Past Ten Months

    Things I’ve learned in the past ten months about this little hobby. Prep is key You need to get the whiskers and face clean and ready to run a razor over it Lather building needs to be on game Each soap or cream is created to take a certain amount of water to soap Each soap or cream has a...
  17. BigD

    Zenith N2 Initial Impression!

    Just face lathered with a brand new Zenith N2 using an Arko Stick. I do a face lather before bed to help clean my face and whiskers for sleepy time. My Zenith N2 just came. So I tried it out of the box instead of my WCS Tortoiseshell Black Synthetic. Holy crap, it made a rich, creamy, super...
  18. BigD

    BigD's Dettol Cool Review

    Continuing my shave soap and cream reviews; This is my review of Dettol Cool Shaving Cream. Products used during the shower and shave were as follows; Old Spice Bar Soap Dettol Cool Shaving Cream Fine Lather Bowl West Coast Shaving Tortoise Shell Synthetic Shave Brush Rockwell Model T (R5 -...
  19. BigD

    I Want This...

    I'll use it, but I already have a Zenith, an Omega, and a VDH boar. Is it a quality boar, or do I just do the right thing and not purchase another brush?
  20. BigD

    Well, Look What I have on the Way

    Figured I could step up my travel brush game.
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