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  1. Techrazor

    Techrazor's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name?Tarry What are your nicknames/aliases?Scud Where do you live?Ozark Mountains What is your age (or) generation?40's What are you in the real world?USA What is your favorite shave setup?Silvertip Badger, Geo F Trumper(Violet), Copper, Brass Two Tone...
  2. Techrazor

    Hello from the Ozark Mountains!

    Greetings!... Thought I'd say hello and thank you to a few members..Steve(barsuk) Thank you for being patient, very helpful and for the smooth transaction...great guy!!...Blue-EyedSon(Brian)..thank you for the smooth transaction..great deal!!.....And Robert (Rob72)...Thank you as well for the...
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