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  1. KW Driver

    Leon Revival

    Unf. Nice to see you’re still doing quality work. beautiful.
  2. KW Driver

    Colt...I mean, How Tacky!

    you got the upgraded package with a sling and one QD mount.
  3. KW Driver

    Clips, yes, for 45 Colt

    I was thinking those were Garand clips before you confirmed it. Cool I guess. Not applicable at my house, but cool if you’re into that kinda thing.
  4. KW Driver

    I Coloniali Mango Dupe?

    I've got about half a puck in the pot, in storage. I've got about a 1/4 replacement puck in a tin at the house. the replacement puck's menthol content is way higher than the pot's. more than I like. there's an old thread about it, and the polarization of the scent. I thought it was pretty...
  5. KW Driver

    Using a soap stick

    https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/what-shave-stick-did-you-use-today.583844/unread https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/palmolive-stick.599143/ https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/shave-stick-off.578297/...
  6. KW Driver

    Using a soap stick

    wet your face, scrub soap on whiskers, wet brush goes to work. you can also do the same with a puck. there's plenty of fine sticks, and you can make a stick out of any soap you want. there's plenty of threads here about various sticks and how to make/use them getting the soap to water ratios...
  7. KW Driver

    Travel brush. Simpson S1 pure?

    If you’re not flying carry on only, and plan on being at your place for more than a day or three... why not just take a full sized regular brush in your rotation? pure was too scritchy for my taste, even in an Omega mixed midget. Wee Scott was too small for my taste and hands. The best in it is...
  8. KW Driver

    Boar & Synthetic Brushes + Face Lathering.

    I don’t like synths and I face lather exclusively, off hard pucks/sticks, with hard water, with boars and badgers from 14-28mm. I tried horse too and don’t like its scritch. It’s all technique. And there’s nothing that feels so good feeling as a quality badger. They hold heat for subsequent...
  9. KW Driver

    Scope Adjustment Preferences, Mils vs. MOA

    unless it's an experience holdover, or a range (KD) measurement, why are y'all running mils with yards instead of meters? isn't the math easier (while being different) when it's MOA & yards, mils & meters?
  10. KW Driver

    Smile Pif ☺️🙂

    I'm not in, but here's a smile for you.
  11. KW Driver

    What was your carry today?

    Rob, I don't disagree with anything you're saying. I don't disagree about the Church guard. it's easy to Monday morning quarterback it, and the man did the best he could with what he had and knew. maybe a distraction then tackle and wait for another armed member to get him/help might have...
  12. KW Driver

    What was your carry today?

    some days... you may never get to take a shot. maybe you give away the car/wallet/phone/watch/whatever. maybe you fumble and drop the keys/wallet, backing off in a submissive cower, angle away, draw and fire as the bad guy picks up the keys/wallet. I watched video of this technique in Brazil...
  13. KW Driver

    Have you ever compared these artisan brands with classic ones?

    Mike’s is top tier for me and one of 5 I‘ve kept stocked for years. better than PdP, on par with Tabac with a... MWF type lather.
  14. KW Driver

    PIF for 3 Soaps & 3 Tucks of Polsilvers

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring as an “I’m in.“ I’ve tried a different DG soap, and would like to try any of these. Never used the blades either. thanks for the pif, regardless.
  15. KW Driver

    Lead wedges...

    Mine with lead wedges are just fine, and they’re staying with the original scales too.
  16. KW Driver

    Shoeshine Box

    Nicely done, clean looking joints.
  17. KW Driver

    Concept gun (Or how to kill a dark blob.)

    but not have to move it without a vehicle. Ma was bad enough; nothing but heavy, long, sharp corners.
  18. KW Driver

    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Been a long while so I touched it up to be sure. Wonderful shave.
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