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  1. GreekGuy

    Who is your favorite artisan maker based on both scent and performance?

    There are a lot of artisan makers out there these days. 3 years ago, I tried to keep up with them. Since the number has exploded the past couple of years, I just can't, seeing as I have enough soap to last me 50 years. Performance is very important, and I will admit I have high standards. But...
  2. GreekGuy

    For a chance to score some tallow Penhaligon's and Houbigant Fougere.

    See here and contribute to the gold level! Our Story (still): We like B&B. We think that you do too. We truly enjoy our time spent here. Each of us through B&B has been afforded a wonderful source of information, inspiration, support, camaraderie and general good fun in our respective pursuit...
  3. GreekGuy

    Recommend me an Atomizer

    I'm looking to buy an atomizer for decanting. This is for mostly home use so I don't need a travel atomizer per se. The most important thing is that the atomizer doesn't leak and sprays well. I guess really just well made. Cost is not an issue, although I don't want to spend $185 for the creed...
  4. GreekGuy

    Humidor help for warm climates

    Guys, I'm in need of some advice in terms of storing cigars. I'm usually longwinded but I'll just get to the point. I don't have a basement, and I'd prefer not to run my AC all the time to keep my place at 70 degrees or below. Basically here along the CA coast it gets warm during the day...
  5. GreekGuy

    Need help with sealing tobacco in mason jars

    Hey Guys, I've been reading around on the inter webs and through some posts here but I'm having a very hard time sealing some tobacco in mason jars. My understanding is after the baccy is in the jar, you tighten the lid and then put it in boiling water for 15 mins or so, then let it cool and...
  6. GreekGuy

    Recommend me some baccy

    I smoke mainly heavy english blends, so I'm pretty good in that department. What I'm looking for is something different, but also heavy. You know, the type of tobacco that hits you in the gut a little bit, or the type of thing you'd have at the end of the day or after a big meal. I'm open to...
  7. GreekGuy

    A Tale of Three Tallows

    Much has happened in the past year(ish) with Valobra. First, AOS stopped carrying their soap. I imagine this was largely for cost issues, as Valobra soaps are not cheap, and since P&G makes so many products, I can't blame them for wanting to introduce their own housemade product. This thread is...
  8. GreekGuy

    Thinking about a BK12, talk me out of it

    I'm thinking about getting a Kent BK12. I've always wanted one ever since I first saw them many years ago. Thing is I (nearly) exclusively use hard soaps. Talk me out of it, or enable me if you think its good. I have around a dozen other brushes so day to day practicality isn't really a concern
  9. GreekGuy

    Specific pipe shapes for certain types of blends?

    I have another noob question this week gents. I smoke mostly english blends and have mostly vintage english pipes. My question is: are certain shapes or makers better suited for say, english blends, as opposed to Virginia flakes, as opposed to burley? I know its best to smoke similar styles from...
  10. GreekGuy

    Letting your pipe rest?

    Gents, I've been smoking the pipe on and off for some years now, but I've begun to get much more into it recently. So my question for the experts, is how long should you let your pipe rest between bowls? Say you smoke a bowl, can you smoke another right after, should you wait for it to cool, a...
  11. GreekGuy

    Valobra BOWL Shaving soaps, anyone tried them yet?

    I apologize if I'm late to the party on this one, but I know a lot of the "old timers" here are probably just as excited about this as I am. FINALLY, a puck from Valobra. I know there was AOS and still is C&S, but this is their own label. Has anyone gotten a chance to try them yet? A couple of...
  12. GreekGuy

    Ink suggestion for moleskin notebook, particularly Iroshizuku

    I believe this is my first post in the nib, and I look forward to your gents opinions. So I bought a moleskin notebook. It has come to my attention that their paper quality is a little lacking, but thats already a done deal. So moving forward, I wanted to know if anyone had any ink suggestions...
  13. GreekGuy

    Anyone try the new Pen's Soaps?

    Has anyone tried the new Penhaligons soaps and can comment on them? I am particularly curious as to where you might have acquired them other than directly from the manufacturer. I haven't tried but I assume Penhaligons will not let me order from the UK site in the case for sartorial, which isn't...
  14. GreekGuy

    Have you been saving your pennies?

    The 3rd Annual Sue Moore Auction is only 10 days away, and there will be some very nice straight razor items for auction, in addition to many other very generous donations. This is a great opportunity to score some sweet swag, and help a very worthwhile cause in the process Please consider...
  15. GreekGuy

    3rd annual Sue Moore memorial Auction to fight Breast Cancer

    B&B PROUDLY ANNOUNCES The 3rd Annual Sue Moore Auction To be held on October 19th Badger & Blade is much more than just a Website for shaving enthusiasts. B&B is an international community of individuals who share a broad range of interests related to the pursuit of some of the finer things...
  16. GreekGuy

    3rd annual Sue Moore Memorial Auction to fight Breast Cancer

    B&B PROUDLY ANNOUNCES The 3rd Annual Sue Moore Auction To be held on October 19th starting mid day and ending October 22nd at noon EDT Badger & Blade is much more than just a Website for shaving enthusiasts. B&B is an international community of individuals who share a broad range of...
  17. GreekGuy

    Tell me about scotch glasses

    So I have some Glencairn glasses, which make an enormous improvement over a bourbon glass. Side note to you whisky fans, if you don't have one, you should get one, I promise its worth it. Anyway, I notice a lot of "professional" tasters use a more slender style of glass, a stemmed tulip style...
  18. GreekGuy

    Veterans, advice wanted for newbies!

    Hey straight shaving veterans. We all started fresh with straights as a young lad, or even a not so young lad. If you were going to start all over again, what advice would you give someone who is thinking about taking the plunge, or has just stepped up to the challenge and is a bit overwhelmed...
  19. GreekGuy

    Your New Straight Razor Steward Checking In

    Gents, It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as a new steward in the straight razor forum. My name is Nick, I've been shaving with a straight for the better part of 4 years, and I've loved every minute of it. In that time, I've been fortunate enough to interact and learn from other...
  20. GreekGuy

    TM strop question

    Does/Has TM make/made a cordovan strop? I love the feel of my Kanayama's, but am impressed with Tony's level of craftsmanship. Is there anything similar? I had a Notovan at one point, wasn't my taste. Any other suggestions from TM?
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