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  1. syngent

    I Smoke Big Butts and I Can Not Lie

    So I've done some small to medium smokes on the new grille, but I picked up a 9 pound pork shoulder I plan to smoke up tomorrow. It's tucked away in the fridge getting comfy with its rub tonight I hope it ends up as great as it smells now
  2. syngent

    Inkbird IRF-4S Pro Review

    It's not WiFi or Bluetooth. No app on the phone, but it's perfect for me. The unit comes with a transmitter that stays at the pit which can accommodate 4 probes, has a bright orange back light and can switch between C and F. The receiver also has a back light and a host of functions I'll go thru...
  3. syngent

    No strike, but picked up a spare

    So I finally get my first real smoke in. Picked up some spare ribs. Trimmed away some day, pulled the membrane and seasoned with a chipotle mango mix first and a small amount of a different rub. Got the grill ready, temp was locked in added some apple wood inserted the heat diffuser with some...
  4. syngent

    I bought a thing, now I need advice on another thing

    I have a large container for cooking the meats on its way (more on this story as it developes) but I'm going to need a probe or two for the monitoring of said temp to meats. I'd really like to not spend to much, any cheap things I should look at for keeping internal air temps as well as meat...
  5. syngent

    The Mathematical Method

    So a scientist grabs a few Batista's and does the maths, and comes up with a new way to get er done. Everyone's miles may vary, but at least one shop switched to his method. Less coffee, coarser grind, quicker extraction. All quite contrary to how it's been done for a while. I'd love to play...
  6. syngent

    And so it begins. A home espresso journey

    I was left alone with my phone on boxing Day for five minutes and well Probably should have asked the experts, but almost all other machines were pricey enough to scare me off other then the breville with the built in grinder. But then if I wanted another grinder down the road I couldn't really...
  7. syngent

    Record Store Day 2019

    The list has been out for a bit. Going through it I know a few things I want. One is a Canadian rerelease of a band called the Trews who never go on vinyl the first round. Also going to try to hunt down the stax record release of Albert Kings born under a bad sign. And maybe the ep purse by...
  8. syngent

    Need New (To Me) Music

    Rock (or rather my kind of rock)i in hiding waiting for the next gen in the typical decade shifts of musical tastes... But it's late. I'm getting bored and need some new stuff to listen to. I'd imagine it's out there, but just not easy to find. Looking for the high energy exciting stuff...
  9. syngent

    Colonel Conk "Major" Review

    Listen, it's been a while since I've done a review on a razor, so take it easy on your buddy Syngent. The Colonel had a sale on these I this area not to long ago. I found it to late, and I was a little upset as it looked really cool. When I seen it in the auction I had to have it, and took...
  10. syngent

    Show Off Your Auction Hauls

    And I'm excited I was really wanting to get my hands on that "Major" razor after I missed the sale the Colonel had in their area on here. I had no idea how excited I would be when I realized how close it was to my fav setup That's my fav setup with a Weber? handle. I can't believe The Colonel...
  11. syngent

    So I just jammed my thumb in it

    I haven't touched my pipes in a while... Was only a matter of time before I came back here though Bole out this guy, with that stuff Couldn't find my tamp.... So well see the thread title. It smokes, but not well lol. Think it's been 3 or more years since I puffed a pipe Damn youse
  12. syngent

    Found Five Frogs on Friday

    Forgot I had them, four frogs are unopened
  13. syngent

    My first try at ravioli

    I was going to make myself some tortellini, but then thought hey why not something new... Which is to say I didn't want to do the tedious task of making tortellini and ravioli seems much quicker, even by hand. Turned out really well, stuffed it with some sausage meat and an herb wrapped goat...
  14. syngent

    Putting some new tools to use

    Been needing a new hobby to occupy some free time, so I thought I'd give woodworking a shot. I busted out some old tools, updated others, and bought a few new ones. Thought I'd show you what I have been up to. I took some scrap plywood we had at work, busted out my new 6 1/2 Milwaukee fuel circ...
  15. syngent

    Put baystate blue in my pen. and this happened

  16. syngent

    My New Tea Mug

    Its Perfect Its handle shape is perfectly comfortable for a two finger grip. the taper offers a perfect sip, and,.. well... its just flat out good looking, has a picture of me in my work uniform and everything. But thats not really why I am here right now. One of my favorite things is to sit...
  17. syngent

    Did you guys notice the new steward

    we finally found your guts a great member to help out around here... and its his birthday. so please say hello once again to Nortac John we think he is a perfect fit for this forum, and will serve you all well
  18. syngent

    ***CLOSED***Soap For Hope - A SCS and B&B Soap For Sale***CLOSED***

    Soap For Hope On Mothers Day May 7th of 2011, Johnniegold started the original Soap For Hope thread in honour of Sue Moore, and all the mothers around the globe. A few prizes were put up by some great members, and a raffle begun to help reach our original goal of raising $10,000.00. Its been...
  19. syngent

    Honeybee Yuzu Birthday Soap

    So I met RockViper for a coffee since its been a while,.. and for his birthday he gave me a soap (I tried to give him stuff, but he likes not being enabled by me) First off, this stuff smells AMAZING, its fruity sweet in a way, Im not good at describing scent but this is good. It didnt take...
  20. syngent

    Bought a bottle of Portland Beard Co's Oil

    the Shuler scent. It smeels nice, a bit of a pine woodsy herbal thing going on, the scent does keep growing more on me, not that I didnt like it to begin with. I would love to tell you how great this stuff works, but honestly its my first beard oil, so Im not sure, but as a source of reference...
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