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  1. Buckler

    A Day with Mastro Livi

    Well actually it was 2 but that tittle sounded much more catchy. ;) So I was very privileged to spend some time with Mastro Livi. He is such a great man and I had the time of my life in his workshop. Here he is preparing to make his Damascus Steel This was my fantastic translator Luis. He...
  2. Buckler

    My world Travel products

    I went to some countries in europe and made an effort to get some shaving products as mementos. Italy was first and I got 3 tubes of Proraso shave cream, a soap and pre shave cream for the price I can get one tube posted to me in Oz. :) I also managed to get a Mastro Livi razor while there...
  3. Buckler

    Picture word picture workds

    Bla bla DSC02904 Bla bla bla
  4. Buckler

    Chaplin Barber Video!

    Check this out guys. My father inlaw showed it to me the other day. SO GOOD. Beginning says something like your listening to the Hungarian waltz and the end says that'll be 15c Check out the HHT!!! +Szymon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFxt27ExQz4
  5. Buckler

    Razor image

    Zig Zag resized_IMG_7533.jpg After pic
  6. Buckler

    Pic in text

    Lets see if i can post a pic after this text resized_IMGP9311.jpg but before this text
  7. Buckler

    Fab 5

    Did a bunch in Jarrah for fam and friends and really liked the shape, really comfy in the hand, and thought id make a bunch more in some other nice Aussie timbers. Iv put SZ on the bottom of the brushes. When i made my wife some clothes (bikinis, shorts, etc) i used my name in Polish, Szymon...
  8. Buckler

    Jarrah Tree

    Here is a set i knocked up out of Jarrah All brass hardwear, black plastic spacer, razor says 3 gun, and has a logo of 3 rifles leaning together. +Szymon
  9. Buckler

    Blade smiths out there...?

    Are there any blade smiths out there? Im getting prices on making a simple blade to go in straight razor kits. I think the simplest thing to make would be; 6/8, round point, 1/4 hollow, brushed finish. Kits will include straight, strop and brush (matching scales and brush handle naturally) Iv...
  10. Buckler

    Free Honeing (Australia)

    Gday fellas. Im offering free honeing to anyone in Australia who wants it. Good for newbies to help get you going, just grab your Grandads old one, or one you picked up from an antique, send it to me with return postage bag, done. Im no honemiester but i can put a shaving edge on a razor...
  11. Buckler

    Schick TWIN blades?

    Any one seen these? Got it in a buy from a second hand store along with a slim and a bore brush. $5 sound ok? :D They are Schick twin blades. Iv never seen DE twin blades before. I guess it kind of defeats the purpose, or argument we have against the multiblade cartridge razos; the...
  12. Buckler

    Question on ranks

  13. Buckler

    Red Tip Superspeed

    Just used a red tip superspeed and loved the shave! Very close. I used some wilkon & sword blades in it and am keen to try my prefered Derbys in it. Side note; gave feathers a go, way to aggressive for me. Two of my brother just bought a new merkur futur (or however you write it)...
  14. Buckler

    Seen this B4?

    Got it out of a razor from an antique dealer. Havnt seen it befor although im not overly experienced. You guys seen it befor or have I found somthing interesting? +Buckler
  15. Buckler

    Razor help needed

    This razor has a crack in the handle as shown in the last pic. Suggests as to keeping it on. My wife uses it, and when you do legs you have a razor upside down alot. And the head has a habit um...aaa...well of falling off. Suggestions please. Im in Australia, so specific products without...
  16. Buckler

    Comey Brushs

    Has any one heard of Comey brushs. They are cheap at our local supermarket and they seem alright. Badger hair which has been cut. Anyone used one? +Buckler
  17. Buckler

    Walmart Cream?

    Are there any good creams, or soaps, that can be piced up at Walmart? I just sent a cousin in wisconsin a razor two packs of derbi blades and a brush but completly forgot about the lather :blushing:. (Sent it with his wife, who was visiting us in Australia) What can she pick up for him in a...
  18. Buckler

    Blade sharpener???

    I was tracking razors in a 2nd hand store and the lady said she had her Dads old ones at home. She said she didnt realy want to part with them but mentioned that one of them may be an army issue, so i asked if she could bring it in just so i could see them. In the case was what is pictured...
  19. Buckler

    Back honeing

    How many passes back honeing are required? (to get rid of over honeing) +Buckler
  20. Buckler

    First Str8 shave!

    YEAH! ... and it was good ... My rig: Black beauty strop (borrowed) Sheffield 5/8 (Also borrowed :) Proraso preshave Proraso soap Prossess: Splash with hot water Proraso preshave Lather Hot towl ReLather WTG Relather XTG Not a BBS but what an experience! That was so good...
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