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  1. MarSellus Wallace

    Budweiser sells to a foreign company

    Pieter, some people consider a turd on a white canvas art too!
  2. MarSellus Wallace

    Budweiser sells to a foreign company

    The acquisition by Inbev should be hailed as a great opportunity to at last taste some great beers. For those consumers who value tradition: Budweiser won't change, for those who value change: a whole new range of excellent beers are coming your way. Rejoice. That's what Inbev was after, not...
  3. MarSellus Wallace

    Speakeasy Acquisitions - June 2008

    Lovely, thanks a million for the advice!
  4. MarSellus Wallace

    Not too impressed with Derbys

    I prefer the red IP's. The Derby's are a close second. With my 39c, the reds are perfect from the start, but only last 4 shaves. The Derby's are perfect only from day 3, but last a bit longer. I will try corking them before my first shave.
  5. MarSellus Wallace

    Speakeasy Acquisitions - June 2008

    Eagerly awaiting the Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive. Also set my sights on a Orange Monster. Also have a bid going for a Invicta Pro Diver. I had set my sights on a vintage Omega first, but you guys made me change my mind, and I'm glad I did. I believe the vintage Omegas...
  6. MarSellus Wallace

    Best watch under 300 dollars

    It's so difficult to decide on the right watch. Right now, I'm bidding on a vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville Duo tone with date. I also have an ongoing bid on a used Invicta 8926. If the bid on the Omega fails, I will buy a Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive (dress watch) and an Orange monster...
  7. MarSellus Wallace

    Football (Soccer)

    I believe Spain has the better and more talented team. They made plenty of goals and their midfield is very efficient. I think Germany will have an off day in the final and be very nervous. After all, Spain deserves to win. They brought the most spectacular play. But, as they say, this is...
  8. MarSellus Wallace


    Hmmmmm, and a mojito or margarita. My wife makes them for me.:001_tt1:
  9. MarSellus Wallace

    Slant HD vs Slant Barberpole?

    My shave today was with the 39c and a Derby (d2). No nicks, BBS. Same with red Personna. Haven't tried any other blades yet. But remember this: the razor is mighty heavy, so let gravity do the job. No need to push down on the razor.
  10. MarSellus Wallace

    Football (Soccer)

    As Der Spiegel put it poignantly: when you make three goals from as many opportunities, you're a team to be reckoned with...
  11. MarSellus Wallace

    Slant HD vs Slant Barberpole?

    I have the 39c. If I were to sell off all my razors and were allowed to keep only one DE, it would be the 39c. Coupled with the right blade, this is perfection!
  12. MarSellus Wallace

    How to spend £220 - $430 ?

    LOL or you could make a bet on which bodypart Joachim Löw will be cleaning during tonight's game...:lol:
  13. MarSellus Wallace

    How to spend £220 - $430 ?

    Use the money to fill up your tank!
  14. MarSellus Wallace

    Variety is the spice of life - new B&Ber

    Hello and welcome AWSN (anonymous wetshaving nut). There are many more like you so don't be afraid to out yourself!
  15. MarSellus Wallace

    The lawn ain't going to mow itself!

    :lol::lol::lol: Hovaround catering to the needs of the gravitationally challenged:lol::lol::lol:
  16. MarSellus Wallace

    Worst-smelling shaving cream?

    From a post in october 2007: "French Vetyver. I baptised this cream "French Vomit" because of its nauseating smell, or rather stench. The olfactory sensation is similar to GFT's Sandalwood, which I described as "a mixture of stale cheese (roquefort, four years past its expiry date), rotten...
  17. MarSellus Wallace

    Lets see your mug - AKA what do YOU look like.

    ...on a Monostat monopod:biggrin:
  18. MarSellus Wallace

    $1499.00 for a vintage fatboy?

    Any answers yet from the seller on the 149.99$ offers?
  19. MarSellus Wallace

    Poll. Favorite 3T's

    +1 Exactly my thoughts as well.
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