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  1. mark3d

    Best shave ever!

    Since starting with straights, about 3 months or 75 shaves ago, I have always been comparing the results to what I could get with the DE. I only just started to exceed the DE shave quality a few weeks ago, but not quite all over the face, still had problem areas (the chin). Anyway, this...
  2. mark3d

    Barber's shaving lesson

    This might have been posted before, either way it's worth another go http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6502106680110094707# as well as the obvious tips on straight razor shaving there is also useful info (or at least validation) about prep, lather etc. so i will post it in the general...
  3. mark3d

    Maintaining edges myself

    Part of the appeal to me with straights is self-sufficiency (i.e. soap is the only consumable), so in that spirit I'd like to do my own blade touchups. I have 2 razors that are probably due a touchup, however I have 2 more razors on their way, which will buy me some time. A new linen/leather...
  4. mark3d

    Not enough laps on strop after crox?

    Having done about 5 shaves with the gold dollar, and been very pleased, i thought i'd give it 4-5 laps on the CroOx side, as Ken recommends doing it "every other shave or so". I then stropped it as normal, but only about 10 laps. I suspect this was not enough, it didnt cut arm hairs as well...
  5. mark3d

    First shave - I wanted a challenge, I got one!

    wow...the videos make it look so easy! I stopped after doing one cheek and under the bottom lip, living again to fight another day. I didn't want to rush it. No cuts - but not very close shave either. It is harder to learn than DE shaving, thats for sure. A couple of observations: 1...
  6. mark3d

    First razor is Muhle R89 - 1 year later, time to try something else?

    Hi all. I started wetshaving over 1 year ago. The B&B community basically taught me to shave - my father didn't because he had a beard, because he used to get terrible shaving rash - probably because he was never shown how to shave properly! So we have broken the cycle :cool: The razor was a...
  7. mark3d

    Is my razor (too) aggressive?

    hi - my razor is an unbranded open comb and while it seems well made (the blade doesnt slip around or anything) i wonder whether it is too aggressive. my beard is quite tough, and skin fairly sensitive - but i cant do more than 2 passes - 1 WTG and 1 mild XTG. the result is very good - a damn...
  8. mark3d

    Change the blade if it grabs the whiskers - wont slide along smoothly

    well it looks like 2-3 shaves.. not 4.. before i have to change the blade. i was too lazy and over-confident to change during the 4th shave and paid the price with neck irritation (and a generally poor shave). i'm annoyed because i was up to 4 bloodless shaves in a row! (up to about my 20th...
  9. mark3d

    3rd shave - success! mostly...!

    hi all im 34 and have probably only shaved with a razor maybe 100 times in my life because it has been painful (neck burn and ingrown hairs) and basically a pointless chore when i can use an electric shaver. anyway i recently got a DE kit as a gift: dont know the brand of my razor but...
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