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  1. tylerdurden

    Why do you make me do it?

    Got my annual westcoastshaving shipment (I know this is difficult for most of you) and had to try speick, along with others mentioned on the board. All I have to say is move over Tabac; the speick shave stick is my new favorite soap. Very smooth shave from this soap with my le grelot...
  2. tylerdurden

    new resto

    So im doing my first restoration and ill try to post pics as I go along. Its my great grandfathers Henkles which had some old battered scales and a lot of patina and rust. The good news is the edge was in good shape, and still quite sharp. Ive ordered some scale materials and right now im...
  3. tylerdurden

    7 day challenge

    So ive been doing this for a couple months but have not had much improvement. After a couple bad shaves i thought straights were just not for me. The big problem was with time in the mornings to shave so i have just been shaving once on the weekend, but not every week. Over the past week i...
  4. tylerdurden

    new razor rust?

    UPDATE: They are sending me a new razor. I'm sure it was just a fluke, they were really great to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone.
  5. tylerdurden

    used my cartridge razor today

    First time in over a month, just to see the difference. Don't worry im a DE guy now, but i had to try it out with a fresh cartridge just to see. I re-lathered and took two passes (ATG too) to be fair, and the cartridge didnt even come close to the shaves ive been getting with a month of DE...
  6. tylerdurden

    First "great" shave

    Ive been DE shaving for about a month and ive had some decent shaves, but tonight i had the shave that made me say "so thats what everyone is talking about". Still mapping issues with my neck and more to learn but I took my time, tried to remember to not use any pressure, and it felt great. No...
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