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  1. echophonic

    Engagement ring questions

    Soooooooo...... Yup, our 5th Year-A-Versary with my girlfriend is coming up and it's time. Last year she subscribed to Wedding's magazine and I keep finding her Tivo'ing wedding shows on HGTV (DAMN YOU NEWLY ACQUIRED CABLE TV!!!!) So I've got a couple guideline questions.... 1) Is the...
  2. echophonic

    You have any dynamite in your room, boy?

    Don't know if it's been posted yet, buuuuut... wvQIaLbmx6c
  3. echophonic

    Who was it here that LOVED the Gillette Platinum Plus blades?

    EDIT: Got it. Thanks!
  4. echophonic

    A SBAD question here....

    Gents, I'm going to be right by a C&E tomorrow with some free time. I see time and time again that many posters, many veteran posters, keep going back to the C&E $35 brush, frequently with comments along the lines of "I love this brush-- best value ever." I've got a Vulfix 405, which I would...
  5. echophonic

    Could you tell me what this is?

    Sorry for the small photo-- it's all I got.
  6. echophonic

    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and I CAN change it!

    can I change the title after I post? EDIT: Ah HAH! Change'dddd!
  7. echophonic

    Anyone ever get Trumpers' sample pack?

    I ordered it from them a couple weeks ago and on Saturday an envelope showed up with a very nicely put together brochure inside. It was fun to look at the product porn, but I have yet to see anything else. Is that what I paid the shipping charges for? Wasn't I supposed to get samples?
  8. echophonic

    Just a thought on a different method or prep.

    I've got an "Abe Lincoln" beard, which makes me shave a little differently than most. What I've come to do is shave my face first with two or three passes, wash off, then shave my neck with 3 passes. My original thought for doing this was trying to give certain areas more attention, thinking...
  9. echophonic

    Edwin Jagger Razor set $107 *OFF* at Deluth

    Right here. This is the two-piece set with the razor and stand. Pretty freakin good deal for all you who still use a M3. These go for $156 on the English Shaving Company's website Wish this was the Merkur head one... I'd be all over it!
  10. echophonic

    1/2 price on C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum @ B&BW

    Don't know if this is still going, but Saturday I went in to get a free Bigelow item (up to $12 when we spent $10 in the store) and when I went to bring up the BR aftershave and pay the difference, she said it was half off, so I grabbed another and got two for $8 total (no tax for some reason.)...
  11. echophonic

    Just help me decide and I'll do it.

    Birthday present. Nice Brush. Creams and soaps. I'm using a Vulfix 405 (22mm) right now and I just do not appreciate it: floppy, hard to make soap lather, prickly and extremely loose knot. Is 24mm good or should I go up to 26mm for my first nice brush? If you have any other suggestions...
  12. echophonic

    Maggot Cheese?

    Wow. I'm hoping one of our friends from Italy can fill us in on this one. If anyone was listening to Fresh Air yesterday the second segment was on "extreme food." One of these was Casu Marzu, which is a type of cheese banned in Italy that contains maggots... on purpose. Apparently you can hear...
  13. echophonic

    Shave after shower... what about the fog?

    I see everyone and their mother likes to shave right after they take a shower, but every time I try it the mirror is just horribly overrun with fog. I've tried spitting on it, placing a heater by it, wiping it profusely, etc. and it never works. Even if I leave the window open while I shower...
  14. echophonic

    Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer on CNN

    *Ducks and runs*... I'm not going to step into this for a little bit.
  15. echophonic

    Gold Toggle on ebay

    Wow. Currently at $150 I have to say, that's a great presentation of the bid. But damn... $150 is extreme. Anyone here bidding on this?
  16. echophonic

    QED Wild Rose

    After looking at the SOTD event and seeing Joel's review, I'm a little miffed that I don't get to try Charles' version of Rose. My lady has the Rose and Geranium, but I just don't like it. I've just tried a sample of Trumpers Rose and it blew me away and will be my next purchase. But with all...
  17. echophonic

    What the heck is this?

    Gents, I kind of accidentally won an auction last week when I was testing the speed of bidding while preparing to snipe another auction. Oh well, .99 cents for a surprise ain't bad. ;) Serial is M15867. Anyway, it came today and I can't find anything anywhere that looks like it...
  18. echophonic

    Sorry, but Proraso just smells gross.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else just grossed out by that smell? I know it's blasphemy to say it here, and I'll probably burn in the 7th level of Hell, but for that very reason I just cannot use it. I tried it yet again this morning and I couldn't go through with it. Changed to Musgo Real...
  19. echophonic

    If Bonds had a dog (a little less inflammatory)

    "I swear, it's a glandular problem! Poor girl.
  20. echophonic

    Olberman on fire-- give this an honest ear...

    I don't know if this is the place as I haven't posted in this section before, but I just got this link and have been speechless for the past 5 minutes since I watched it. If it's inappropriate, lock it, but perhaps we can be civil about this. Here is a video of a commentary Keith Olberman...
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