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  1. sanookd

    Bob’s Razors

    Does anybody know why Bob’s Razors website is closed down? He had an elaborate website with usually 50+ beautifully restored razors for sale. He was a very kind gentleman to deal with. Just curious to know.
  2. sanookd

    Grooming Dept Nov 5 Drop shipping Delay:

    How many people who made purchases on the November 5 release date are surprised by the shipping delay announced a few hours ago?
  3. sanookd


  4. sanookd

    Lubricity of Soaps & Creams

    A lot of posters make reference to the slickness of a soap or cream but is there any way to scientifically measure the lubricity of a given soap/cream? Without scientific measurements or data isn’t slickness just ones subjective opinion? Not being a chemist, scientist or other lab rat I’m just...
  5. sanookd

    Help Stabilize A Sliding Puck

    What do you recommend I try to prevent a puck which has shrunken from sliding around in the metal container while I’m lathering? Can I heat it in a microwave (removed from tub) for a few seconds(or how many) just to soften a little bit and then press it back in the tub pressing down enough to...
  6. sanookd

    Maggard’s 2020 Meetup Canceled

    I just read on Maggard’s website the scheduled meetup at the end of May has been cancelled with no reschedule this year. Bummer, but I’m not surprised. Having attended the last 2 years social distancing is impossible. The site said refunds will be coming shortly.
  7. sanookd

    Stropping Mid Shave

    I’m curious to know how many straight razor shavers out there find it necessary to strop possibly after the 2nd pass on a 3 pass shave. And if you do give the blade a few passes on the strop do you notice a big improvement during the 3rd pass? I’m assuming a well honed blade but very coarse...
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