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  1. Sukeroku

    1st Shaversary (Ralf Aust, Parker, Proraso)

    Well, it has been a great first year. I ordered a Ralf Aust for my birthday in December of 2019 and committed to starting wet shaving in 2020. I live in Japan where resources are limited but I managed to grab some Proraso green and a Parker badger brush (I realized later that I overpaid for the...
  2. Sukeroku

    Ten Minute Straight Razor Challenge

    This is a sequel to the Fifteen minute straight razor challenge. The original inspiration was Youtube videos posted by Chimensch, Karl Langner and WilliPeter99. Slash McCoy suggested some rules for the last one and so here goes: 1) Since everyone has a different preparation routine (making...
  3. Sukeroku

    A visit to the Kanayama Strop workshop

    I recently visited the Kanayama Strop Workshop in Tokyo. Here is a short video I made of my experience. Enjoy! Kamisori Diary Kanayama Strops
  4. Sukeroku

    Question about the history of face-lathering and shaving brushes

    Is face lathering a relatively recent phenomena in wet-shaving? Did barbers bowl lather or face-lather 100 years ago? In this regard, were brushes floppier in the past because bowl lathering was the preferred method of applying/making lather? Are brushes with lots of backbone a modern...
  5. Sukeroku

    Flying steel

    Well, it had to happen someday. I am quite careful with my handling of my straight razor. I usually aim for a blade with some nice jimps and do my best to keep the scales dry after washing or wiping lather off after a couple of passes. However, when switching hands today, I dropped my Tanifuji...
  6. Sukeroku

    Fifteen-minute straight razor challenge

    I enjoy a nice leisurely shave as much as the next guy. I also appreciate the beard reduction philosophy/techniques shared by many if not most in the wet shaving community. However, sometimes life throws you a curveball. What if you had only fifteen minutes for prep, shave and...
  7. Sukeroku

    Signs of overshaving?

    So, I have been wetshaving for almost six months now. I started with straight razors and have switched to DE's over the past few months. (I plan to go back to straights). My technique with DE's (as well as the quality of my lather) has improved tremendously. I now apply almost zero pressure...
  8. Sukeroku

    Valobra Soaps and VSOD Shaving Shop Australia

    I was able track down some of the last tubs of Valobra Patchouly and Fougere at VSOD Shaving Shop Australia Shaving Shop - Australia - http://www.vshod.com/. I was very impressed by their customer service (shout out to Samson). I would not hesitate to recommend them and I will be doing...
  9. Sukeroku

    WTB Rooney Victorian and other Heritage brushes

    I am looking for lightly used/well kept or NOS Rooney Heritage brushes, specifically a Victorian, but I am also interested in the Urn, the Highlander as well as any size 2 or larger brushes.
  10. Sukeroku

    Rooney/M&F finest vs gel-tip

    I cannot seem to find a thread answering this question: Is there a difference between the "gel-tip" and "finest" grades for Lee Sabani knots or are they the same knot with different nomenclature?
  11. Sukeroku

    Regarding the Rooney Heritage Victorian

    Sorry for all the Rooney Heritage questions but: 1) Did the Victorian come in different badger grades or sizes? 2) Does any one recall the retail prices/prices for this brush? $175?
  12. Sukeroku

    10% Diamond paste for The Method

    For those looking for .1, .25 & .5 micron 10% diamond paste for Slash McCoy's "The Method" balsa stropping, the pastes are on sale at Tech Diamond Tools. I got 5 grams of each for a total of $13.50 (before tax). They also ship internationally at a reasonable rate (California to Japan for...
  13. Sukeroku

    Best 1964 Safety Razor

    I am looking for a birth-year vintage safety razor for 1964. What are some options? What are your best picks?
  14. Sukeroku

    Flashback: Comparison of Rooney Heritage brushes

    How would you compare the various Rooney Heritage brushes: Stubby, Emillion, Victorian, Beehive, and Alibaba (I will leave out the travel brush)? I can get the statistics but in terms of feel, control and ability to create lather. The Stubby is the obvious choice for the face latherer. Which...
  15. Sukeroku

    How long until vintage shaving soap loses its scent?

    I am looking at some vintage shaving soaps on eBay. Will they retain their scent if the package has remained sealed? If not, how long until they lose their scent?
  16. Sukeroku


    Hey friends, I am a newbie to wet shaving and straight razors. I bought a Ralf Aust a couple weeks back, got some Proraso green and a Parker badger brush and now I'm hooked. I live in Yokohama, Japan but work in Tokyo. Recently, I bought a Kanayama strop at the workshop where they are made in...
  17. Sukeroku

    What is Molybden Steel?

    Is Molybden Steel anti-corrosive steel? Is it a harder steel alloy? Does it effect razor performance? What is Molybden Steel?
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