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  1. romsitsa

    Type G with bone handle

    Removing Schick handles is pretty straightforward, so swapped it for some bone.
  2. romsitsa

    No 58 head swap

    Bought a cased No 58 yesterday, head had some plate loss and it opened too wide. After closer inspection the head seperated at some point and someone recrimped it, but at the wrong position. So removed the whole head and swapped it for a Parat (from the spares box).
  3. romsitsa

    WTB New SC, New Deluxe base plates

    Hello, I’m looking for a New SC or New Deluxe (preferably British) base plate. Straight teeth would be nice, condition of plating is irreleavant. If you have a spare and are will to ship to Hungary (Europe) drop me a line pls. Thank you!
  4. romsitsa

    Some oddities

    Hello found these while browsing. Canadian Tech, look at the comb. Makes no sense, but top side looks to have oval, the bottom triangle slots? Gullette safety razor company... A fancy locking mechanism with a copycat handle. A standard Probak, case looks really similar to the Barbasol? And...
  5. romsitsa

    Upgraded “American model”

    Hello, a lovely early German fake of the Kampfe Bros. razor, had to straighten/rivet the head and upgraded it with a bone handle. Have to figure out where the stops should go and it will be ready for its maiden voyage.
  6. romsitsa

    Swing AB cap thread, separate piece?

    Hello, before making something stupid, do these thick caps have a separate threaded rod? Did any of you see one where the typical circle (overtightening) appeared or one worn down to bare brass? I guess the center rod is press fitted, but would like to make sure. Thanks
  7. romsitsa

    Senator with two blades, when was this set produced?

    Called “genuine”, usually seen on sets from the 20ies, after the patents expired. It almost looks like a repurposed Goodwill case. And it doesn’t list blue, only Gillette blades. https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/five-gillette-safety-razors-in-cases-108-c-410414ab1c#
  8. romsitsa

    FT Feather DeLuxe for Popular

    Hello! A Feather Deluxe set, complete with shipper, is up for trade. The latch of the case is broken and the head is slightly crooked (factory error). It shaves like a Flare tip, is bigger and operates smoother. Looking for a very good condition Gillette Popular (nickel plated, barberpole handle).
  9. romsitsa

    All brass Schick injector

    Hello, got a nice type E with a rotted handle, so replaced it with brass door handle. Although it’s 80g, the balance and feel became much better compared to the original handle. Still some sanding and polishing left.
  10. romsitsa

    Wilkinson Empire injector

    A rough mock up. Slightly modified head, it takes the original wedge, Personna GEM and Personna injector.
  11. romsitsa

    Wilkinson Empire disassembly

    Hello! Working on an Emire with a slight knob drop (and other problems). I can't figure out how the handle is assembled and as it's not mine, I can't vandalise it. The knob, rod or the neck of the handle should be screwed together (as the top and bottom are riveted) and there is a spring...
  12. romsitsa

    Foreign FORCOL

    Hello! ~30 years 4 colour pens (locally made, unbranded) were the hit here and very few chosen ones had the original US made version. I had the locally made one and switching colours whenever I liked was awesome (cheap thrills, I know). Last week got a motherload of pens and there it was, an...
  13. romsitsa

    Looking for a tad larger injector blade

    Hello! Is there an injector blade which is 39-40 mm long or is 38 mm long, but has corners (like a GEM)? Ty
  14. romsitsa

    Adjustable Superspeeds

    Why not? Only spare parts were harmed, still far from finished.
  15. romsitsa

    Brazilian gold Tech

    Hello, a lesser known version of the classic Tech. Base plate and handle are gold over nickel, while the cap was plated directly onto the metal. Another interesting aspect is the cap, it’s embossed but solid brass. Adam
  16. romsitsa

    Feather Deluxe shaving razor

    Hello! Made a few detail shots and comparisons to continue the thread of mjclark: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/feather-deluxe-vintage-tto-de-any-info.507252/ Couldn't find anything on the the razor, as it looks like the lovechild of the last iteration of the British Superspeed...
  17. romsitsa

    Gillette ABC flower pattern handle

    Hello, need some "fast" input if possible. Is the rounded bottom of the flower handle flat (like the scroll) or somewhat rounded (like the solid pillar handle). Thank you very much.
  18. romsitsa

    Poor mans hybrid Tech

    Received this base plate from a fellow enthusiast, it's basically a closed comb New LC. For shaving qualities it's a smoother LC or a more direct Tech. The casting is pretty poor, center slot being full of flash, so right now it won't accept New type caps. The long term plan is to remove flash...
  19. romsitsa

    Looking for a razor ID

    Hello, found this beauty on the international auction site. While the handle looks like a modified GEM/Star/Ever-Ready piece, the neck is seemingly wider than an SE handle. The head is also familiar, but I can't figure out what it is. Open to any guesses :) Picture from the internet, not my razor.
  20. romsitsa

    Unknown Gillette razor case

    Looks like a cream colored No 88 case, maybe made of sheet metal. The folding insert is also painted in an even coat, so I opt for a factory finish. Any guesses what razor could it originally contain? Photo from ebay. Thanks.
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