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  1. Skrymr

    what are your favorite 'newer' tobacco blends?

    I'm a relative newb, but Two Friends English Chocolate is one of my favorites. It's a Lat blend that is quickly becoming my favorite.
  2. Skrymr

    Who has tried "Gourmet English"? IRC blend by McClelland

    That's the tax in Wisconsin too. 50 gram tin's in B&M's here are $18.
  3. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    You're welcome, Did they actually have it? I used it and the three stores closest to me no longer carry it.
  4. Skrymr

    Trying to Quit Dipping - Going With the Snus!

    I just remembered Goteborg just came out with a Lime portion. I've never tried it though. I think you will enjoy General. I've heard of folks dong two portions at a time, but it seems uncomfortable to me. Another thing to remember is white portions are a little slower on the nic delivery...
  5. Skrymr

    Trying to Quit Dipping - Going With the Snus!

    The citrus I've tried are: General, which is Bergamont. Onyx is my favorite in that category. All General snus I've tried I've liked. Bergamont is, to me, a nice peppery citrus. Onyx is portions only, but you can get General Los (loose snus, like dip). Thunder Orange. I didn't really care for...
  6. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    General has a snus finder on their website. You have to register first, but it will tell you who sells it in you're area. It's a good idea to call first though, as it is sometimes inaccurate.
  7. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    General ES is good stuff. Personally, I like the messy cans.:lol: Right now, I have another Thunder Original in.
  8. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    I might have said this before here, but don't give up on the Jacobson's yet. After you have been snusing for a while you become "adjusted" to the different flavors. Salt, tobacco and such. Go back to it after a while and see if you're tastes have changed. You never know. We're all adults here...
  9. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    Thunder Original
  10. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    The coffee supreme does have a good coffee flavor to it. It's not an all day every day kind of snus for me, more of something to break the monotony once or twice a day. My favorite is Thunder Original. A plain tobacco flavor with plenty of nicotine. I don't care for white portions, they make my...
  11. Skrymr

    What's under your lip?

    Thunder Coffee Supreme right now.
  12. Skrymr

    My New Vorpal Blade

    DD stands for Dungeons and Dragons. Played with paper, pencil, and dice from 4 sided to twenty (I think). I got a full dice set around here some where.....
  13. Skrymr

    A Day with Mastro Livi

    That is just awesome. An experience you will never forget.
  14. Skrymr

    The Goods! Straight Razor Hobbyist Gallery

    +1. I love my square point razor's, but that one would really require full attention. I love it!!
  15. Skrymr

    Omega 50014 Travel Brush

    I have the 50014 and the Omega 11648. They are similarly sized and lofted knots. The 11648 is my favorite brush by far. Soft, with plenty of backbone and no scritch. It's a face lathering phenom. The 50014 performs just as well, but see's less use. Here they are next to my vintage Berkley for...
  16. Skrymr

    My Paco-riginal

    Congrats. I really like Paco's work.
  17. Skrymr

    My first real attempt at complete restore and scale making.....go big or go home!

    Looks great. It does feel good to see your own handiwork. That should be a great shaver for you too.
  18. Skrymr

    First set of scales on my second restored razor

    Very nice. That looks very nice.
  19. Skrymr

    First SNUS order

    You can't go wrong with General snus. Just remember it can be a bit salty, but after a while you don't notice the salt. My go to snus is Thunder Original, with a thunder Coffee Supreme thrown in once in a while for variety. I order from Snus Central. The shipping is high unless you order in...
  20. Skrymr

    Suggestions for Quitting Smoking

    I tried electronic cigarettes, and while they didn't work for me they do work for some folks. What finally got me off cigarette's was snus and snuff. I know I traded one addiction for another and I am fine with that. I can breath now, and I am happy. Whatever you choose to try, good luck. I...
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