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  1. JAHE

    Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap (MWF) - my perfectly matching AS... and yours!

    Rather by accident, I found an aftershave which perfectly matches Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap: Pitralon Classic! :thumbsup: I didn't know about this aftershave until recently. The scent of the aftershave has very similar floral notes to the soap (when I opened the AS bottle the scent reminded...
  2. JAHE

    Advice needed: looking for a birthyear razor - 2018!

    Hi gents! Happy New Year. Kindly requesting your support. I am looking for a nice DE-razor which either has been manufactured in 2018 or has been put on sale/introduced in 2018 for the very first time. For example a date coded Rex Ambassodor (N-series) comes to mind. Any other suggestion is...
  3. JAHE

    Soap/cream that smells like BOSS Bottled?

    Does anyone know of a soap or cream that smells like Boss Bottled? This fragrance is available for more than two decades and still is a super popular evergreen (in Europe). I wonder if there is (was) a dupe available...? Appreciate your feedback!
  4. JAHE

    I killed my RAD with one shave...

    Happy New Year to everyone! When it comes to DE razors 2019 was a year full of trial and error. I tried a lot of different stuff (bought and sold more than 20 razors and I was lucky enough not to burn to much money, however please don't ask me how many I kept) - but I did not find the "ONE" for...
  5. JAHE

    Down the rabbit hole...

    Hello to everyone! JAHE´s checking-in. I have been into wet shaving quite a while (using cartridges for more than 25 years, because I had no clue how great shaving with DE-razors actually is...), but - finally - in winter 2018 I discovered the "real joy of wetshaving" (more or less by chance...
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