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  1. AZBronco

    Something about Tabac

    I first got Tabac a year ago. I didn’t find the scent to be “old lady handbag” as some describe it, but I initially thought it was a bit too floral for my preference. However, I couldn’t complain about performance. Over time, I’ve just used it now and then. Once I used it exclusively for a...
  2. AZBronco

    My review of Apple Fitness+

    I've been using the free trial of Apple Fitness+ since it launched about a week ago. I've done 5 or 6 workouts with it--spin, treadmill, core, and cooldowns. So far I find the trainers engaging and likable and I enjoy the consistency of the workouts. It's really easy to find something I want to...
  3. AZBronco

    Playstation 5

    I had a chance to preorder a PS5, but passed. In the meantime, my PS4 seems to be dying (games freeze, glitch, slow loading, etc.) so I started the hunt for a PS5. I had no idea they'd be so difficult to get--in launches past I've always been able to find what I wanted with a bit of diligence...
  4. AZBronco

    Teach me about hats

    I'm thinking of getting a hat to wear around. The only hats I've ever worn are baseball caps, so thinking about other types of hats is new to me and since hats aren't super common, I'm not sure where to start. Are certain styles more appropriate for casual wear? What should I be looking at when...
  5. AZBronco

    Williams Mug Soap (vintage) review

    Somewhere around 5 or 6 years ago I was in an antique shop with my wife and saw an old pack of Williams Mug Soap for like $2, so I bought it. I described the package to people at the time, and determined it was from late 70s/early 80s. It's sat in my shave den as a decoration since then but I...
  6. AZBronco

    Feather FHS10 blades

    I've been using a OneBlade Genesis almost exclusively since I got it back in April or May. It's always given me BBS shaves and I normally get 3 - 10 shaves off each blade. Recently, though, I went through about 5 blades in a row that gave me irritation, weepers and overall unpleasant shaves. I...
  7. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice soap vs cream review

    Earlier this year I got a tub of Captain's Choice Nor'easter shaving cream. Great stuff--checks all the boxes for me in terms of performance and scent. Well, my wife (who pays attention to what's on my vanity getting most use) also likes the scent and gifted me the soap version last week. The...
  8. AZBronco

    Seeking recommendation

    Seeing that I'm still going to be working from home for a while, I've decided now might be a good time to try a new scent. Looking at what I currently have, they are very much mall scents and I want to try something completely different. My current stash includes Polo Blue, Sauvage, Nautica...
  9. AZBronco

    Smaller French EdT developers

    We all know the big French scent designers, and they pretty much are the only option in mall stores. I'm curious if anyone knows of some lesser-known French designers that are available in the US?
  10. AZBronco

    One pass through my soap stash gave me a winner

    I currently have 7 soaps and 2 creams in my stock pile. A couple of months ago, I decided to use each one for a week before rotating to something different. I've finally finished my rotation and it's been a great learning experience. Performance wise, everything I have works well, but I've...
  11. AZBronco

    Define wet shaving

    I always assumed wet shaving meant you used water and something that lathers. However, it seems a lot of people define wet shaving by the type of razor someone uses. Mostly, I see DE, SE, and SR tools are referred to as wet shaving but cartridges aren’t The only dry shaving tool I’m aware of...
  12. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice Sandalwood

    I used the Captain's Choice sandalwood aftershave today. The shave itself was routine and BBS. This was my first time using Captain's Choice aftershave. First thing I noticed is that it there's more in it than alcohol and essential/fragrance oils--I looked up the ingredients and it has glycerin...
  13. AZBronco

    Captain's Choice Nor'Easter Shaving Cream Review

    I recently won a tub of the Captain's Nor'Easter shaving cream in one of his giveaways; this review is totally my own thoughts, though. Prior to this, I've never tried any Captain's Choice products, and the only shaving creams I've ever used were AoS (love it), Proraso (classic; love it), and...
  14. AZBronco

    Supply Razor free blades for life

    Has anyone tried this offer, yet? It says no catch--but there has to be a catch. I see either pay $20/year for the Pro membership and get free shipping (and the lifetime blades offer is one pack of 8 blades every 3 months) or pay $0/year but my guess is shipping costs are paying for the blades...
  15. AZBronco

    Have you ever worn out a brush?

    I have an AoS shaving brush that's going on 10 years old. I've never used it exclusively, but it's my favorite brush and the one I use most frequently. Last year it started shedding for the first time ever--every use it would lose 5 - 15 hairs. I was sad my favorite brush was dying but decided...
  16. AZBronco

    Den Clearing - DE, SE, and Straights

    It's time for me to do some den clearing. The razors below are all in excellent condition (nothing is "user grade" and some, like the GEM, Bakelite, and Schick, look pretty much new)--I'm happy to take additional pictures if you'd like. I'm making my best guess on values--if you'd like to make...
  17. AZBronco

    WTB First generation OneBlade Genesis

    I realize likelihood is low, but if anyone has a OneBlade Genesis v1 they’re not using, I’d be happy to purchase it from you.
  18. AZBronco

    Feather FHS-10 question

    I like my OneBlade razor, but the cost of blades can add up fast. Has anyone tried putting the blade into a Valet Auto Stop with any luck? I was thinking of buying a thin piece of leather and try it but would appreciate others insights first.
  19. AZBronco

    OneBlade Core review

    The other day I saw OneBlade offering the Core razor for $20, which included shipping and 10 blades, so I decided to give it a try. First--a disclaimer. If you search my old posts, you'll see that I've been critical of OneBlade more than once. Mostly because I used to buy the Feather FHS-10...
  20. AZBronco

    PSA for OneBlade razors on the Bay

    I was perusing the bay and pulled up some OneBlade razors. Not only was I surprised that most listings were more money than actually buying direct from the OneBlade site, but some listings are a crazy rip off. I saw one listing for the Core ($50 from OneBlade unless they're running the $20 sale)...
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