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  1. Gustav

    Straight razor pins

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a place where you can get pins of different diameters. The ones I got from the invisible edge in the uk were about 1 mm in diameter and were far too thin. I am looking for something about 2-3 times that.
  2. Gustav

    Durham Duplex Timeline

    I just thought I would share this informative page: http://www.durham-duplex.co.uk/timeline/
  3. Gustav

    The feel of the Kamisori

    I have been wanting to treat myself to a further new razor and I am eyeing a Kamisori. I notice however that its grind seems to be very wedge-like. Since I have found out that I have a strong preference for full hollow or extra hollow blades versus wedge or 1/4 hollow blades, I am wondering if I...
  4. Gustav

    Czech and Speake Oxford & Cambridge

    The other day a small package with expensive content arrived. Apart from a travel set of distinguished colognes it also contained 3 x 25g of Oxford & Cambridge shaving soap. The fragrance was clearly detectable but not overpowering. I did not have an appropriate container to put it in so I used...
  5. Gustav

    Shaving the troublesome neck area

    I would just like to share something with those of you that, like me, have neck hairs growing straight back parallel to the jaw and where the hairs seem to grow almost along the skin. This makes it very difficult to shave these hairs but lately I have found a way of contorting my face in such a...
  6. Gustav

    Shaving at sea?

    On the way back from a holiday, I used a sleep over ferry on part of the trip. I did not have to shave that evening and the sea was calm so it would not have been especially difficult. However it got me thinking about those B&B members who spend a great deal of time at sea. How do you shave with...
  7. Gustav

    B&B motto?

    I was wondering if it would not be nice if B&B had a motto of some kind. Something along the lines of "Badger and Blade: because life is too short for bad shaves!" or "Badger and Blade: because a good shave is a good start to the day" or something like that. If you wanted to give Badger and...
  8. Gustav

    Ad attempting to convert shavers from DE to a cartridge

    I stumbled on this video on youtube and after watching it I just felt sad. The myth of two blades shaving closer than one is still alive and kicking. Hopefully, DE shavers watching this humbug will realize that the guy shaving with a DE has probably never held such a device in his hands before.
  9. Gustav

    Scuttle for face latherer?

    I have been thinking of purchasing a scuttle for a while but I am not sure if there is any point in doing so since I am an exclusive face latherer. The only time I build lather in a bowl is on the very rare occasion when I use a cream. I have however seen that there are scuttles with a very...
  10. Gustav

    WWII marine shaving with an injector!

    I was reviewing some WWII history on youtube when I stumbled on this film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIgpluBCzpI The interesting bit is at 6.20. The whole clip is worth watching as it is a reminder of what our forefathers had to endure to secure the peace that we often take for granted. We...
  11. Gustav

    Wilkinson sword shave stick a little known gem of a shave stick

    I would like to attract fellow shavers attention to this shave stick if you have not yet tried it. It comes in the same type of minimalistic packaging as the palmolive shave stick and in Germany it costs around 3.5 €. It does not exactly belong to the cheap shave sticks but it is well worth the...
  12. Gustav

    5 Years in and still learning.

    Well what do you know, after about 5 years of using shaving soaps I am still learning better ways of lathering. The well known fact of using more product can make a substantial difference as I discovered with Arko. A few months ago, I decided that I had to give this famous soap another shot but...
  13. Gustav

    Tried the famed slant-just do not get it!

    During 2012, in between my straight shaves I devoted every third shave to a non regular straight implement and thus tried a shavette type straight, an open comb DE, redid some shaves with sensor, Mach3 and tried the Schick 3 bladed hydro and finally I tried the famed slant in the form of a...
  14. Gustav

    Trying the multiblades again.

    After 3 whole years of non multi-blade wetshaving, I decided to give my old sensor and mach3 a shot again, 5 shaves apiece, and the results are very interesting. I have been devoting every third shave to the multiblades whilst the two others were straight razor shaves. I have however not been...
  15. Gustav

    Lapping a Coticule: what do I need to know?

    I have just got back after a restful holiday and I am thinking of doing some honing again especially now that TWGW has go a hobby of her own. Whilst rummaging about in boxes in the attic, I found a fair sized coticule that my father gifted me over ten years ago, for sharpening knives. I have now...
  16. Gustav

    Restoring an old paddle strop.

    I have an old paddle strop that I bought at a flee market. The leather is hard and shiny but not cracked. Can I restore it by sanding off the shine with some fine sandpaper or will that destroy it? If that works what type of oil should I use to give it back some softness?
  17. Gustav

    Implications of Leukoplakia

    I started smoking the pipe about 1 month ago and to my dismay I have contracted Leukoplakia which are growths of protein in the mouth with occur primarily as a result of pipe smoking. In my case it presents itself as a white spot on the side of the tongue and according to my physician a biopsy...
  18. Gustav

    Newbie checking in!

    I have been smoking cigars on and off for the last 10 years or so but I never really found a sweet spot or a cigar I really liked, so when a friend said "would you like to try smoking a pipe?" I said "sure!" and I was off. This week we went to a nice tobacco store in Munich and I got myself a...
  19. Gustav

    Straight razor vs. DE experiement

    As some of you may have noticed, during the last few weeks I did a similar experiment involving a Slim adjustable set to 9 and a Dovo shavette using the same brand of blade. If you are interested you will find it here. In essence I shaved one half of the face with the DE and the other with the...
  20. Gustav

    Shavette vs DE experiment!

    There has been some debate lately on the subject of differences between a straight shave and a DE shave in terms of closeness and softness of skin after the shave. Being mainly a straight shaver, I like to think that my shaves are closer than a DE shave and that the post shave skin feeling is...
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