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  1. Sukeroku

    ATG The Final Frontier

    I am still botching up the ATG pass; I am usually a bloody mess in the soul patch area and upper lip on that third pass. I am going to definitely try some of these tips. On a brighter note, I managed two solid passes (***, XTG) in under six and a half minutes with just a tiny, tiny nick on the...
  2. Sukeroku

    Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

    Greeting from Yokohama, Japan! Some words of wisdom: "You have to remind yourself that you can do the very best you can when you're very, very relaxed, no matter what it is, whatever your job is. The more relaxed you are, the better you are. I realized the more fun I had, the better I did."...
  3. Sukeroku

    What is your favorite fougere soap?

    My grail soap...NOS and tallow.
  4. Sukeroku

    What are the benefits of a high-quality strop versus cheap generic ones?

    I asked Mr Naomi who makes the Kanayama strops about making 3" strops and he said that he gets about four strops out of each hide. He added that can only to use the center of the hide which is the thickest part. Making a 3" strop would mean that he gets one less strop out of the cordovan that he...
  5. Sukeroku

    What are the benefits of a high-quality strop versus cheap generic ones?

    I remember watching the WILLIPETER99 superfast 3:49 straight razor video on YouTube in awe. His strop looked short, thin and battle-weary. And he only did about 10 laps. It just goes to prove that you don't need a great strop. That said, I have been fortunate to get a hold of some Kanayama's...
  6. Sukeroku

    Does anybody still use the 3Ts, Castle Forbes or Nancy Boy?

    So, what is the scent of Nancy Boy signature like?
  7. Sukeroku

    Let’s talk Tanifuji

    I have a Pokémon obsession with Tanifuji..."Gotta catch 'em all!"
  8. Sukeroku

    Let’s talk Tanifuji

    Thank you. I am still learning about Tanifuji. Wonderful razor!
  9. Sukeroku

    Let’s talk Tanifuji

    I found the original vendor's page on your razor. However, I am still puzzled. Can someone point me to where I can find that particular brand mark (three T) on the tang on another Tanifuji? I am also curious by the Linden branding on the box.
  10. Sukeroku

    What TV series you watching?

    Like many TV series, I thought Season #1 was the best but there was some really good character development in Season #3 plus some decent plot twists.
  11. Sukeroku

    What TV series you watching?

    Just finished the third season of "Fauda"...
  12. Sukeroku

    Let’s talk Tanifuji

    Others with more knowledge please feel free to chime in but... I do NOT think that this is a Tanifuji razor.
  13. Sukeroku

    Let’s talk Tanifuji

    Are you sure that the razor in your picture is a Tanifuji? Can you send a better picture of the brand marks on the shank/tang (preferably both sides)?
  14. Sukeroku

    Recommendations for a mild open comb razor (or alternative if such a thing doesn't exist!)?

    I really like the 1934 Gillette Aristocrat...beautiful as well.
  15. Sukeroku

    1st Shaversary (Ralf Aust, Parker, Proraso)

    Well, it has been a great first year. I ordered a Ralf Aust for my birthday in December of 2019 and committed to starting wet shaving in 2020. I live in Japan where resources are limited but I managed to grab some Proraso green and a Parker badger brush (I realized later that I overpaid for the...
  16. Sukeroku

    whats the most you've paid for a razor? (all types included se/de/straight etc)

    I purchased a 1936 Gillette Aristocrat Importé D'Angleterre in near mint condition for $200, by far the most I have ever paid for a razor. 💰💰💰 I usually shave with SR's but in this case it was love at first sight. 😍
  17. Sukeroku

    whats the most you've paid for a razor? (all types included se/de/straight etc)

    Absolutely gorgeous...it like the Rockettes of razors.
  18. Sukeroku

    Tabactober 2020

    Well, as it turns out, I did the full Tabac attack through October and continued through the month of November. I am at the end of my jar. Its been Tabactacular!
  19. Sukeroku

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Kozel dark...not all Czech beer are Pilsners.
  20. Sukeroku


    The Holy Grail of safety razors. The condition of those tins with the art-deco painted labels is astonishing. Would love to see your set on Antique Roadshow.
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