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  1. chilehed

    Saw this vintage shaving kit on Route 66.

    Old-school hairbrush with a zippered leather back; inside is a DE razor, tweezer, comb, nail file and a pocket for blades. Very cool, but not for sale. Anyone know what make and model the razor is? I did get this short-handled Gillette across the street for ten bucks, though. Don't know what...
  2. chilehed

    Alpine skiing?

    New to B&B, this place has a lot going for it. Are there any other alpine skiers here? I moved to Michigan from Florida in '91, and started skiing in '00 or so when we realized that we were teaching our children to hate the winter like we did. So we took them to the local ski hill, and after my...
  3. chilehed

    ISO scope mount for S&W Model 17-3

    I've got an early '70's K-22 with an undrilled top strap. I don't want to drill the strap. I'm looking at the Aimtech mount, but have heard that it can be prone to movement. I also don't like how high it sits - I'm willing to give up using the iron sights. Does anyone know of another option...
  4. chilehed

    The shave I always wanted

    Noob from Michigan here. I gave up on DE razors about twenty-five years ago because it was getting impossible to find blades, I was pissed because of the insane cost of cartridges but whaddy'a gonna do? A few weeks ago I stumbled on this site, and after a bit of study got an Edwin Jagger DE89...
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