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  1. StuMcB

    Kent infinity 3/4 specs

    Finally got a reply from Kent "Hello, Sorry for the delay, Our new range replacing the badger brushes are the same size as the badger brushes. The Infinity 3/4 : 10cm high including handle and knot 3.5 at widest part of handle 2cm at base of knot Infinity Plus : 11cm high including handle and...
  2. StuMcB

    Kent has gone all Synthetic

    https://kentbrushes.com/products/infinity-plus-ivory-white-synthetic-shaving-brush-infinity-3 The whole shaving brush range seems to be all synth. Have just asked for sizes of the "V" shaped handle in ivory
  3. StuMcB

    New Bathroom cabinet & shaving mirror arriving Tuesday

    Well the house move went kinda OK, a little late in the day before we got in but the removal guys were a great bunch and kept positive as day turned into cold winters night. Anyhow as you may know I've had to give up the Dad den and all my gear is currently in a box in the airing cupboard where...
  4. StuMcB

    Dad's Cave is going

    Well that's it's guys, after 20 plus years with my own en-suit / shave cave with all my own stuff, a small room for me to relax in, read, radio listen etc we're moving to a new house with no en-suit but a larger family bathroom. As our daughter is charging towards 16, we've found we no longer...
  5. StuMcB

    Curious, Bruan Series 3 compared to Panosonic Arc

    Been using my Braun series 3, a 3010s & 3040s shavers at work (mainly) and while getting DFS with a few little issues (lay flats) I was reading about the Panosonic Arc range and got to wondering would and investment in the new ARC range be of any benefit over my 2 new Braun series 3 which I had...
  6. StuMcB

    Small synthetic travel brush?

    I've searched the site but have been unable to find an answer. I love my Omega mighty midget travel brush. But was wondering what's the equivalent in a synthetic. Same kinda size handle and loft would be nice and hopefully something with a little scritch / scrub. Any ideas?
  7. StuMcB

    Lay flat hair/ stubble on the neck, how to get rid (foil shaver)

    I've been using my Braun series 3 at work for the past few weeks and get DFS from it but I've noticed that I get a few hairs that lay really flag against to skin and get missed by the shaver, so I have to use a disposable to just tidy these up, kinda defeats the object on an electric razors...
  8. StuMcB

    Don't tell everyone but.....Bruan Series 3 3010

    As a life long wet shaver and shower shaver who has on occasion used both disposal razors and carts, when traveling and at work. I came across an absolute bargain in my local Boots chemist on Sunday. It was the Braun Series 3 3010 wet 'n' dry rechargeable razor. I did a quick review check while...
  9. StuMcB

    5th time lucky?

    Well having spent a rather quiet Bank Holiday here in the UK my brain started clicking in to action, mainly as I'd been reading B&B. well for the 5th time I've gone and bought an injector razor. Now my history with these things aint good. I've never had a good shave from any of the ones I've...
  10. StuMcB

    Yaqi SE

    Just come across this
  11. StuMcB

    1980's Erasmic Soap stick

    Been looking / wanting a new shave soap for the old face, but it seems that prices have gone up a little in recent times and I'm tight. Checked Amazon after the bargain I've got on some proraso red, but nothing. Anyhow SWMBO reminded me that there was a soap stick under the sink in my cave. I...
  12. StuMcB

    Mail call, UK

    Courtesy of Scotland's Executive shaving, expect the Trafalgar 3, which is from Shaving Station.
  13. StuMcB

    Surprisingly good scent from a drug store

    Came across this scent in the UK superdrug chain store last week. Dirt cheap and has a really nice vetiver scent. Not to heavy and last for a good few hours. Again not bad for the price. Good packaging too, and a nice cobalt blue atomiser bottle.
  14. StuMcB

    Smart or fitness watches

    Any one here use a Smart watch or fitness band. I only ask as I use either an NOS pebble steel time or Amazfit pace while at work (in my pocket) and a regular watch when at home. I have no phone on my person at work so the smart watch just vibrates when I get a message or call. Forgot to...
  15. StuMcB

    Fancied something different. One blade core

    Like the title says, I just fancied something different or new in the den. What with my now Chronic UTI's and enlarged ..... We'll leave that one there, the amount of anti biotics I take effects my skin, so I flit between SE and carts (3 blades tops I promise). My rotation is either my flying...
  16. StuMcB

    J.Herbin, Perle Noir anyone?

    Awaiting delivery of a 30ml bottle of the J.Herbin Perle Noir ink. Price was great and I fancied a different brand to my normal selection (Diamine, Quink, Monteverde, Noodlers, Pilot). Was just wondering if any body has experience with either this colour or the brand it self. By the way I fell...
  17. StuMcB

    Current UK Aldi, 3 blade disposable...who makes em?

    I get great smooth, irradiation free shaves from these razors. UK Aldi, brand disposable 3 blades, 5 in a pack. However the handles are too lite for me so I put the carts onto the Aldi 5 blade razor handle. But I was wondering if anyone knew who makes the carts, or razors for Aldi. I've searched...
  18. StuMcB

    Yaqi Mokka long term usage, 12 months on.

    Well folks, a quick review of my Yaqi synth review. It arrived in August 14th 2018 and has been my only brush for 99% of the time. The other 1% I was using the Omega Hi brush. The brush has performed like the first time every time, absolutely no issues. No loss of bristles, no loss of...
  19. StuMcB


    Just seen this. Gillette UK
  20. StuMcB

    Create a sexy scent Jovan

    Happy Father's day (UK) and those around the world waking up with gifts galore. Jovan musk AS cologne from my 13yr daughter. On the rear it makes a SEXY scent. Wow. And attracts. Got say, scent is great, not to spicy, oranges, spice, kinda humid warm wet day. Great AS and been around for...
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