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  1. BradWorld

    Comparison of DE Razors in My Den From ~$75 to ~$125 (USD)

    I have been cycling through some razors that I havent used in a while. They will be put into rotation with my Wolf and CG. The Wunderbar is on deck for the next time that "guest razor" spot comes up. Maybe tomorrow. We will see. Then after that is the original Black Mamba, which is a...
  2. BradWorld

    FS Wolfman WR2, Timeless stainless razors

    Gen 1 or Gen 2? thanks.
  3. BradWorld

    If you could only have 4 DE Brands for the rest of your life - Which 4 would you pick?

    Wizament Perma-Sharp Gold Astra SP Sputnik
  4. BradWorld

    Looking for volunteers - new scent!

    Im in. Love almond scent. Thanks.
  5. BradWorld

    Vintage blade collectors club

    They all qualify. Those spoilers are top shelf. The Schicks are pretty good too!
  6. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    He has also said he is going to offer made-to-order baseplates where you can choose your own blade exposure and gap. Should be interesting.
  7. BradWorld

    Poll: Favorite synthetic 26mm knot?

    Timberwolf. I have a lot of synths and that one is the combo of soft tips and moderate backbone for me. I have a couple of 26 mm Timberwolf brushes. The Tuxedo is great too. And for super soft, the PAA Atomic Rocket is really great too. I think the next brush I have made will be with the...
  8. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Not sure that he is going to ever make these razors again. Sad but it's what he is hinting at on his postings.
  9. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Well, today must be Charcoal Goods Day, as my new-to-me Copper Level 2 just showed up! Here is a new family photo. I am guessing that this will probably be it for a while. At least until CG opens back up and makes some more great razors!
  10. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes when i post long stories like that I wonder if people even get through the first sentence. But yeah, CG razors are getting scarce. I have Level 2's in stainless and brass, but I now have a Copper Level 2 on the way just because i want to complete the...
  11. BradWorld

    Fill in the blank re: single pass razor

    For a CCS in one pass, I can use any of my Wolfman or Charcoal Goods razors. They are close and comfortable. However, I rarely stop after 1 pass. I like to shave so a 3 pass shave is standard for me. I used a Charcoal Goods Level 3 today, and could have stopped at full DFS after one pass...
  12. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    This is a whacky tale of two Level 3's. Some time ago I bought a brass Gen 1 Level 2 from a guy online, and he accidentally put the matching brass Gen 1 Level 3 baseplate in the box with my razor. I reached out to the guy, and we came to a deal and I sent him more money to pay for the extra...
  13. BradWorld

    Zoom Herf - Saturday or Sunday?

    I can try to make. I sold my house, so if I cant smoke outside I'm out of luck. The cigar lounge closes early on sunday.
  14. BradWorld

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Is that copper? Looks almost red in the pic. What level? I have a level 2 in copper on the way.
  15. BradWorld

    Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

    Yummy citrus shave today! Thanks for the inspiration guys!
  16. BradWorld

    Timeless recommendation request

    Wizashave dot com. Ships from Morocco or New York, depending on where you are. Has sales from time to time. And the price goes down the more you buy. Good vendor.
  17. BradWorld

    Timeless recommendation request

    That's because they are the same exact blade in different packaging. Regarding the 68 vs 95 discussion, I have both in stainless. I like a heavy razor, so stainless is for me. Maybe I will get a Ti Timeless someday, but not in a hurry to do so. When i "moved up" from the 68 to the 95, I...
  18. BradWorld

    Black Widow DE razor blades

    Never heard of them before either. I took a look. The reviews are quite mixed. Some reviews are quite harsh actually. The blades are made in Asia, and it seems the vendor is reluctant to say exactly where. I dont think I will be getting these, despite the really cool name.
  19. BradWorld

    WTB Gillette RFB No44

    Great razor. Somewhat hard to find. Dont overlook the 2 piece #77 and #88 razors. In my opinion they shave even better than the #44 3 piece. In the true B&B fashion, you may end up with both of them, or all three sets. :cool: Good luck with the hunt.
  20. BradWorld

    Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

    Me too!
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