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  1. michaelskar

    Weird Bill O'Reilly tribute

    I can't tell if this guy loves or hates Bill O'Reilly. I actually think that maybe it is made with love. Either way, humorous enough photos of Glenn Beck and Bill (and the song is good). http://youtu.be/KWS4lR3Z6JY
  2. michaelskar


  3. michaelskar

    Current favorites

    These threads come up from time to time...but as it stands right now, my favorite products are: Soaps: MWF, Tabac (runners up: MB diogenes club, QED Wild Rose, L'Occitane CADE) Creams: TOBS Avocado (runners up: Musgo Real, proraso, Speick) Aftershaves: Speick, Musgo Real (runner up: Proraso...
  4. michaelskar

    heading to the beach!

    Woo hoo! Leaving tomorrow AM for a week-long beach vacation with the family (the WHOLE family, including parents, brother and sister (and their families) and my family...should be "interesting" at times... So I'll see you folks in about a week or so (unless one a dem sharks gets me).
  5. michaelskar

    drying lather

    I have read several people comment on how they lather their face and the lather dries/flakes off before they are done with the pass. not to be rude, but I just don't understand how this can happen. Maybe I have exceptionally good water, but I have NEVER had my lather dry up on my face (well...
  6. michaelskar

    Lilac Vegetal

    Well...this weekend I was in a bed bath and beyond and saw that they carried Pinaud's lilac vegetal aftershave. Well, having read so mnay incredible reviews about this product I was intruiged. I have never heard of a product's scent being so universally despised (well, maybe 1 or 2 people said...
  7. michaelskar

    Antique Advertising

    I found this site and thought it was really interesting...particularly the old soaps (I like the imp and goblin as well as "monkey soap") and the tobacoo tins...but really all of it was pretty cool http://www.advertisingantiques.co.uk/Default.aspx?tabid=1143
  8. michaelskar

    Tabac at Target!!!!

    I just got word that they will begin carrying the soap, cream, aftershave and EdC!!! Just kidding...April Fool's
  9. michaelskar

    Close call with Tabac

    This is a silly post, but having heard all of the warnings about slippery Tabac bowls... Last night when lathering up I had a very close call...the soap got on my hands while loading the brush...the bowl slipped out of my hands...I was able to hit it in mid air so it landed on the sink (only...
  10. michaelskar

    Travel setup

    I am out of town for a few days and was noticing how much my "travel setup" has changed since I first started this hobby. At first, when out of town for a week, I brought like 3 soaps, 3 creams, some colognes, and several different aftershaves. I even brought a preferred bowl for lathering...
  11. michaelskar

    Burt's Been Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave Discussion thread

    You may discuss it here. . .if you dare! The review is here.
  12. michaelskar

    Best tasting?

    Inspired by a recent lunch...
  13. michaelskar

    8 steps to a manly shave

    I saw this on digg.com... the actualy advice part is not too bad...but the comments from the masses were truly entertaining. needless to say, we are not very "manly." My favorite was some guy who says that creams and oils make your razor blades get dull...stop using the cream and oils and...
  14. michaelskar

    Penhaligon's Castile

    I haven't heard much of this scent here at the B&B. Has anyone tried it? The reason I ask... I absolutely LOVE the scent of 4711 cologne...but it lasts maybe 10 minutes. I have heard/read that Castile is similar to (some say is a better version of) the 4711 scent with great staying power...
  15. michaelskar

    Which to use today?

    Okay...I am bored. Please pick a shaving soap/cream for me to use tonight.
  16. michaelskar

    My custom title

    Just wanted to thank the mods for my fancy new custom title! Here's proof that the goofiest/silliest thing you say can and will be used against you :biggrin: :biggrin: Thanks guys, I am honored!
  17. michaelskar

    Oh, the Speickish-humanity!

    Just had to share my misfortune. While home at lunchtime today I decided to try the new burt's bees aftershave balm again for fun (to compare it to my first try yesterday), and when placing it back on my shaving shelf above the toilet, it fell over, knocking over my speick aftershave...
  18. michaelskar

    annivrsary gift

    Anyone have any good suggestions for an anniversary gift for my wife? This will be our 6 yr anniversary. I have some ideas, but I thought I would take suggestions from yews alls.
  19. michaelskar

    Recs on portable Ipod speakers?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good portable ipod speaker dock that is still fairly inexpensive...hopefully under 100 bucks or so. Thanks!
  20. michaelskar

    For folks who cut their own hair

    Inspired by a different thread, I was wondering... For the folks who cut their own hair (no girlfriend/wife cuts), what method do you use? Clippers? Scissors? Flowbee? Acid bath? Barbeque pit? I'm just curious...would love to save a few bucks (which could be redirected to various...
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