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  1. SilverBlue16

    FS Dia-Flat 95 Lapping Plate + 12,000 grit Naniwa stone and holder

    I am getting out of the straight razor game and happy to offer what is essentially a high-end maintenance package For sale is a Dia-Flat 95 Lapping Plate specially made for high-grit sharpening stones (above 5,000). Used a couple of times. Does an amazing job getting very fine stones perfectly...
  2. SilverBlue16

    FS Above the Tie Kronos Slant + stand + travel case

    For sale is a complete ATT set: Kronos slant with the ink well razor stand and the travel case plus the original box. This razor has been a beloved part of my collection for years, but I just have to downsize things at the moment. The head has a few persistent tea stains and scratches at the...
  3. SilverBlue16

    FS Nuavia Blu

    There is probably 80-90% of the soap left in this tub. It’s the original ceramic tub that’s no longer being sold. Beautiful scent that fills the bathroom all day after a morning shave. Skip the shipping delays and get it now! $30 PayPal G&S; USPS Priority w/tracking included. Message me if...
  4. SilverBlue16

    FS Feather Artist Club DX

    Great condition with display case and blade guard. I’ll throw in a few straight blades for you to try out too. $200 with USPS Priority shipping. PayPal G&S accepted
  5. SilverBlue16

    FS Mongoose Razors Alumigoose

    Black Mongoose Alumigoose razor. No longer available in retail as a full razor. Excellent condition $75 includes tracked Priority shipping and G&S PayPal.
  6. SilverBlue16

    FS Creeper, A&E, B&M, Southern Witchcrafts

    I’ve been delaying a den clean out so I’d really like to sell these all together to avoid running to and from the post office. Not interested in splitting them up. $30 for everything with USPS Priority ($33 if doing PayPal goods and services) Barrister and Mann Nocturne (soap only) Ruby Red...
  7. SilverBlue16

    What’s with Creed Aventus?

    Okay, so I hear everyone talking about this scent like it’s the gold standard. There are also a lot of shaving soap dupes that mimic it. What is so special about it?!
  8. SilverBlue16

    FS Sebum Gold Lime Shaving Soap

    I've been paring down my collection and have to part with this Sebum Gold Lime shave soap. This soap is known for using natural stearic acid without any nickel and natural butters to keep your lipid barrier in tact. There is a LOT of soap left here and this bowl and it's a big bowl (200g) made...
  9. SilverBlue16

    Whatever happened to Baum.be?

    I had always heard good things about Baum.be shave cream, but it looks like they are now out of business. Anyone know what happened?
  10. SilverBlue16

    Am I crazy to want a Iwasaki kamisori?

    I am reading the book Sharp by Josh Donald. He owns a knife business in SF and has a chapter about this artisan and his kamisori razors. I had a DOVO flowing razor for a couple years but never really used it on a daily basis and sold it. I have a toddler and my shave time has been radically...
  11. SilverBlue16

    How I fell out of love with the OneBlade Genesis

    So last summer I opted for the $8 program where they ship you all three versions. I totally fell in love with the Genesis and bought one soon after. I would always use their shave cream and really liked it. Well I finally ran out of the cream and it just didn’t perform as well with any other...
  12. SilverBlue16

    FS OneBlade Genesis w/ 80 Blades

    I have loved using this OneBlade Genesis for the past couple of months, but getting off of the Wolfman waiting list is forcing me to thin out my den a little bit. This razor is in excellent condition and comes with the horizontal stand shown, stitched leather travel bag/box, and 80 brand new...
  13. SilverBlue16

    FS Dia-Flat 95 Lapping Plate

    I've decided that straight razor shaving is just not for me and am selling some of the premium gear I used to get into it. For sale is a Dia-Flat 95 lapping plate made for very fine stones above 4,000. It comes with the less than .0005" flatness certificate and has been used only twice. You can...
  14. SilverBlue16

    FS Dovo Flowing Straight Razor

    Sometimes you realize that straight razor shaving just isn't for you. Now it's time for you to profit from my mistakes! I have used this straight razor a few times over the past year or so, so it's in great shape with beautiful African blackwood scales. There are a few water spots due to the...
  15. SilverBlue16

    FS Le Pere Lucien Abricot

    This soap is great! Lots of slickness and cushion and a tremendous post-shave feel. I am really just trying to reduce my collection. Probably a good 4/5 of the tub is still here. I do tub load, but always let my soaps dry before I put them away. Retails for $38.00. Selling for $20.00, tracked...
  16. SilverBlue16

    FS Stirling Triumph Soap and AS

    For sale is this set that I haven't used very much, but smells great. I am just trying to thin my collection a little bit. I have bowl lathered with the soap, but there is still plenty of it left. I always rinse my soaps and let them air dry before putting the cover back on. The AS is also...
  17. SilverBlue16

    Classic atomizer recommendations?

    I’m using a classic barber shop atomizer that I bought from Fendrihan. I like to put various colognes in it, but getting the top off of most bottles is really tough. Anyone know of good brands that don’t have an atomizer built into the bottle?
  18. SilverBlue16

    FS La Coste Essential

    There is about half of this left. Happy to sell it for the price of shipping: $10. PayPal is fine.
  19. SilverBlue16

    Two soaps, one cup?

    I’m wondering if anyone has seen anything like a combo soap with two different kinds in one dish. I would love to try a pure glycerin puck inside a harder soap like MdC or Catie’s Bubbles. I love the slickness of glycerin and the cushion of triple-milled soaps. I was thinking of using a round...
  20. SilverBlue16

    OneBlade Core for $19.99

    I see this ad on Facebook, but can’t ever find it elsewhere. I’ve tried the Core and it’s damn good. At $20, it’s just a no-brainer...
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