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  1. Tomo

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in only a few hours left to go. Not sure about March I’ve discovered a new soap that I need to try.
  2. Tomo

    ATG The Final Frontier

    It’s a real test of sharpness. I might even try a pre pass strop next time. Little buffing strokes seem to do the trick if when you get hung up on tough spots. I’ve watched plenty of videos but am open to any tips and tricks.
  3. Tomo


    Fair comment. It’s not very observant which gives good resistance to bleed through and feathering. It may take slightly longer to dry and that would depend on the ink being used. No issues with my go to Platinum Carbon Black or De Artementis Document Black. Lefties are always going to struggle...
  4. Tomo


    That’s the stuff. Comes in cream and white. It’s really good. Your pen will have never felt smoother. It’s like writing with a stick of butter on a hot pan. It’s thin paper but it does bleed or feather.
  5. Tomo

    March 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Not sure that I’m able to commit to two in a row. I’ve discovered a new soap to try....
  6. Tomo

    Expensive soaps?

    I thought that I had a few expensive soaps but now that I’ve seen what the Sebum products sell for they all look cheap by comparison. $700+ per jar for the top of the range!
  7. Tomo


    Tomoe River is the best you can get. It has no equal in the FP paper world.
  8. Tomo

    Lapping Film.

    Here’s a little hack to try. When you put the film on the acrylic, just put one corner of the film on first. Press it down to remove any bubbles and then slide the rest of the film onto the acrylic. It works best if the loose film is lower the the top of the acrylic when you pull it on. When you...
  9. Tomo

    Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

    I’m in "You Americans need to relax more!" I’d love to try some of these products down under. I’ve sent a few PIF’s overseas. It costs more but this forum has become a global community and it’s nice to include everyone. Thanks Captain!
  10. Tomo

    ATG The Final Frontier

    After about 400 straight razor shaves, I finally built up the courage to do a full ATG pass. I always do under the jaw and recently added the neck. Today I went all in and adding the cheeks, chin, and fools pass. There was no muscle memory to guide me and it felt nearly as awkward as my first...
  11. Tomo

    How do I correct this?

    I had a very similar issue with my NOS Filly 13 Doble Temple. One side had a nice even bevel. On the other side the bevel dropped off completely at the toe with no bevel or edge at all. If the edge cuts along the length I wouldn’t worry about it. If the bevel is thin on both sides it could be...
  12. Tomo

    WTB Sebum Shave Soap

    I’ve really enjoyed the write up that @Matt O did on the Sebum Shaving Soaps. I’d like to see if there are any members that are willing to send me a sample of any of these products. I’m happy to cover your expenses for soap shipping. I’d also consider a used jar if you have one. This seems like...
  13. Tomo

    Any minimalists here? How far/close are you from that "Desert Island" set-up?

    I would call myself a hobbiest but by your definition I’m more of a veteran. That sounds strange because I haven’t been at this for very long. Over the course of 1.5 years, I’ve tried lots of things and have dialed in on a small selection that works for me and I’m content with that. This is in...
  14. Tomo

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    It’s a whopper but it does the job!
  15. Tomo

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in Having fun with this little combo this week. The freshly lapped ark is producing some great edges. I even got around to lapping the back. Loose silica carbide made this a much quicker process than the first time around.
  16. Tomo

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    Great video and advise. That process looks very familiar. A nice 50mm (2”) thick granite surface plate won’t slide around on you like that flimsy piece of plastic does. I cut mine down to the size of a standard sandpaper sheet to allow swarf and saw dust to run off rather than puddle on the...
  17. Tomo

    1st Time Buying Expensive Soaps: Buy Refills Only or with Jar

    +1 These are great containers. They have a wide opening and are great for loading from and stack well. As much as I like a matching container, they can be a pain for storage. If you have multiple soaps the unique shape of each container often makes them a pain to stack and store.
  18. Tomo

    Shave Til You Drop

    7 soaps. Each lasts about 3 months of daily use with heavy loading. On average they are about half full. About a years worth I’d say.
  19. Tomo

    Expensive soaps?

    A good soap can really make a shave. Particularly the post shave that lasts well into the day. Almost anything will get the job done but some will do it better than others. I’ve tried lots of soaps and settled in a small selection that works the best for me. Cost has nothing to do with my...
  20. Tomo

    Recommend Something New For Me

    My picks for creams are Acqua di Parma Baume Castle Forbes 1445 Santa Maria Novella Speick Original
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