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  1. camoloc

    How much $$$ is too much for a straight razor???

    I know this will have a lot of answers and opinions. the question in itself is highly subjective. I was thinking the other evening that over time.......and with my learning about restoring, honing, fixing, collecting, etc. my perceptions and thoughts about this have changed. just curious...
  2. camoloc


    anyone know what the BG stamping on the back of this Hart Steel razor means? which craftsman?? thanks camo
  3. camoloc

    best tool for cutting king 1k

    I did a search and didn't see a lot about cutting stones. what tool would be best for cutting a chunk off of the 1k king? hacksaw, mitre power saw, etc.?????? thanks for any input. camo
  4. camoloc

    BlueJean Strop

    has anyone made a strop out of bluejean (denim) material? if so please share pics, dimensions, hardware, and build experiences. call me crazy but I believe this would be a good finishing material. I used search feature and found nothing. thanks camo
  5. camoloc

    diamond paste

    anyone ever use this to surface polish a honing stone????? just curious if this has been done. camo
  6. camoloc

    when is a Finish a Finish????

    so I was thinking this morn. at least here it is often said that whatever the razor was last honed on, is the finish for that razor. so my question is, "when transitioning from one medium to another how many laps makes for a change in the finish?" one could also argue that its not the number...
  7. camoloc

    Season Underway????

    just curious if anyone is going after whitetails yet? I know some of the states have very early seasons compared to my homestate. 20 some days counting down until I roll here. pretty geeked to go at it yet once again. goof luck to you all and be safe. camo
  8. camoloc

    sanding/polishing scales

    will have a restore inbound. what is your preferred material for lightly sanding or cleaning up and polishing plastic, bakelite, etc. scales???? does a replacement rubber tang grip exist for sale (i.e. like on a filarmonica) on the market? thanks all. camo
  9. camoloc

    Wade & Butcher Stampings

    serious question....... I spend a lot of time looking at W&B razors (and a lot of others.....won't go into that) my question is......for such a good and coveted razor, why are their stamps on the tangs all over the place when you look at different ones? -some missing parts of what would have...
  10. camoloc

    Thiers Issard Question

    when looking at these I would assume all are factory honed on convex stones. on to my question: so, if you are going to do you own hone work on these razors ( no convex)........I would assume you would have to rehone from bevel set again? not sure how much convex stones would affect the...
  11. camoloc

    Restoring the Filarmonica 13

    this will be a running thread until completed. seller pic: what it looks like after a little cleanup. more to follow. camo
  12. camoloc

    Cheap Project Razor

    have a blade on the way. I like the anchor on this. making my own scales. figured it was better to glue and pin the wedge with pins in to maintain correct alignment. wedge pin will get more work later on.......but it's in there and holding things together as the glue dries. a lot...
  13. camoloc

    Toe side weak

    on the last couple razors I've honed.......I've noticed that the sharpness of the toe is a tad weak or less sharp than heel to 3/4 of the blade. now when I say less sharp.....I do not mean dull. it's scary damn sharp but slightly less than rest of blade. any non invasive gentle touch...
  14. camoloc

    rescale and a lease on life.

    this is what the beater looked like. it was cheap and I wanted something to work on. H.M. Darling 6/8 had to round the toe.....couldn't see on seller pic it had that issue....imagine that. at least I learned how to round and smooth one. more buffing etc......put the scales on today and...
  15. camoloc

    what are you snacking on today?

    took 1/2 day off. while working on SR case and Balsa strop stuff....... venison summer sausage cheese jalapenos quail egg pickled crackers what you.doing that's good? camo
  16. camoloc

    thinning diamond paste liquids

    have .5 .25 and .1 on the way. evil balsa strop plan about to come together. muuuuh ha ha. so I know slash has mentioned using acetone to thin the paste. has anyone used any other liquids or solvents for this? 90% alcohol, moonshine, any other wierd or usable mixture? thanks all. camo
  17. camoloc

    Top Secret Scale Source

    all gang......could we name any good sources for scales? or places you have ordered good things from? now is the time to fess up......I know you guys have a good knowledge base for this one. thanks camo
  18. camoloc

    Pin Hole

    restoring the H.M Darling. after buffing with compounds still has some remnants of pitting but think is close enough for me. oddly the pin hole appears to be oval??? I would assume this is not right. before I JB weld and redrill......can someone confirm whether this is jacked up or not...
  19. camoloc

    Bevel Setting

    I know there will be a ton of different answers for this but wish to gain a consensus. what is your preferred medium for setting a bevel????......and if it has a grit reading or measurement please state. thanks camo
  20. camoloc

    Question about Arkansas's

    hard black fine Arkansas? when I first researched these I read that grit estimations are all over the place. anywhere from 1200k to 4000k/5000k. to make matters worse I've read in some places persons calling this a finisher? so my question is.....? which is correct? I was planning to use...
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