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  1. BradWorld

    New Shaving Cabinet. I may have a RAD problem!

    So we moved houses, part of a big downsizing effort. And my dear wife decided to liquidate her curio cabinet. She was going to get rid of it, so I took it to showcase my razor collection. They say you dont know how much stuff you have until you move from a big house to a small house. And boy...
  2. BradWorld

    H&S No. 75 first shave. Awesome!

    Where has this razor been all my life? Man what a smooth shaver! Its not quite as efficient as my Wolfman WR2 1.25. But it is smooth as silk! I was completely wow'ed by this morning's shave! Incredible razor. Super smooth. I was able to whip through my three passes with wreckless abondon...
  3. BradWorld

    Blade identification help please.

    I am moving houses so everything is packed. Grabbed an old beat up white plastic tuck of blades from my stash. The tuck said Made in Germany on the bottom. And the tuck was really beat up and sealed with scotch tape. I thought they would be vintage Wilkinson’s Swords or Polish Wizamets...
  4. BradWorld

    FS AS-D2, Game Changers, Blackland, Fatip, Muhle synth, Merkur, RR SE, Karve B plate

    The following razors and brush are for sale. PayPal F&F is preferred, or you can pay the extra 4% fee. Shipping will be $5 per item to conus. II will combine shipping, so reach out for a price on multiple items. If you want international shipping, please send me a PM, and I can get you a...
  5. BradWorld

    FS Razors. DLC & Alum Lupo. Occams. Bakelites. Ikon. RRs. Maggards. Gems. Injectors. Whipped Dog, Muhle, Kent Brushes.

    The following razors and brushes are for sale. PayPal F&F is preferred, or you can pay the extra fees. Shipping will be $5 per item to conus only. If you buy 3 or more items at my asking price, I will pay the shipping. If you want international shipping, please send me a PM, and we can...
  6. BradWorld

    Razor Stand for a big collection. 3D printed.

    I have been using test tube racks for my razor display. I feel that they hide too much of the razor. I've been getting some amazing razors lately with gorgeous handles, like Wolfman, Timeless and Charcoal Goods, and it's a shame to hide them on that kind of rack. So I made this. Its modular...
  7. BradWorld

    FS Blackbird SB/OC Set, Rockwell 6S 1st run, Supply V1 SE, Bakelite Slants, OC's, PAA, RR, Maggards, and Other DE's

    Hello. I have too many razors. And I am trying to fix that. All razors are shipped First Class Mail to Con USA only, PayPal F&F. Photos below. Buying multiple items is encouraged. 1) Blackland Blackbird first run full set, SB & OC, Black Oxide, 101mm Long Handle. Includes the first...
  8. BradWorld

    Custom Brushes for my son’s Eagle Scout.

    In honor of my son making Eagle Scout, I asked the artisan Leo Frilot to make a pair of custom shaving brushes. They came out really great. This is the maker’s photo, as his is better than mine. If you haven’t seen his work, look him up. The brushes are Red, white and blue acrylic swirl...
  9. BradWorld

    Got a free Fusion Ball razor in the mail

    Received a fairly plain box in the mail marked Gillette. There was a free Fusion Ball Razor inside with one blade. Haven’t used a cartridge razor with more than three blades in ...ummm... ever. I shave with a Guard or Track II when I am required to carry-on, but that is a rare occasion...
  10. BradWorld

    The EJ 3one6 is a great razor!

    I ordered the 3one6 from the Code Zero Indiegogo campaign before the razor was released, and waited a really long time to get it. By the time I got it, the production 3one6 had been out for a while. I gotta say, even though there hasn't been much talk about this one, I really like it. It...
  11. BradWorld

    Hit the Wizamet Jackpot

    One of my top blades right now is the Polsilver Super Iridium. And as such, I became interested in the history of these blades and how the Polsilver and Super Iridium brands came together, etc. I was going to buy a 100 pack of the last made Wizamet blades, but those are Russian like the...
  12. BradWorld

    My Son's First Shave!

    My son had his first shave ever! He has very light hair, and he put it off as long as he could. But mom put her foot down and told him to shave. The boy is 17. He had done a fair number of DE shaves with no blade growing up, so there were no real surprises for either of us. I gave him a...
  13. BradWorld

    Fatip Grande. First shave. Meh.

    In all my years of shaving, I have never tried a Fatip razor. Even after hearing endless shavers extolling their virtues, I never got around to buying one. Maybe it was the non-standard handle thread. Not sure. Well, added one to my cart with another order to make the free shipping. Got the...
  14. BradWorld

    RR Mamba vs Black Mamba

    I just had my inaugural shave with the new Razorock Mamba. It is a fantastic razor and a terrific shave! As a huge fan of the original Black Mamba, i was very surprised to take this one out of the box and see how different it is from the original. The finish is superb for a $50 razor...
  15. BradWorld

    New RR Mamba is live on IB

    Got the email. Placed my order. Can't wait. I have the original Black Mamba and love it. Killer close shave. Hoping the new one is a little smoother than the original because I can't use it every day. But when I do, I love the results I get. Happy day!
  16. BradWorld

    Razorock MJ-90 Stainless DE89 variant

    Anyone check this one out yet? The Razorock MJ-90 CNC Milled DE89 derived razor? They released a batch of these yesterday so I ordered one. I love a lot of the RR razors. They are fun to shave with, and they are reasonably priced (most of the time). This one is under 40 bucks. So its easy...
  17. BradWorld

    Forgot which razor goes in this case!

    Hey guys. I bought this razor and case a while back. I took the razor out of the case to use, and now I cant remember which razor goes in there. Has this ever happened to you? I have been combing the internet and Mr Razor and cant seem to find a match. The only thing similar is a "for sale"...
  18. BradWorld

    Razor repair?

    How do I get in touch with Capt Murphy? I've sent a couple of PMs and have not gotten a response. I have a razor in need of repair. Thanks.
  19. BradWorld

    First RFB Shave. Question.

    Hey guys. I finally was able to get a Raised Flat Bottom New at a somewhat reasonable price. And as it often happens, I have another one on its way as well. When it rains it pours eh? Well, I sterilized the first one and gave it a whack today. The shave was nice. I got a little razor...
  20. BradWorld

    3D Printed DE Razor Case

    I can not take any credit for designing this case. I simply downloaded it from Thingiverse and printed it. But it sure is cool, so I felt like sharing. I was really surprised by how well it came out. It fits a lot of vintage Gillette razors. The original designer said it was for a Merkur razor...
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