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    Major General Peter Cosgrove

    We need more people to given answers like that, maybe then people will stop asking stupid question.
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    Question about cleaning my 1967 black handle Super Speed

    I use in my ultrasonic cleaner to clean razors, knives, tools, etc. The only time I have a problem with paint coming off is if the paint is in bad condition, which means that other methods of cleaning would also probable take the paint off also.
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    Cella Lotion?

    To me does not smell anything like the soap, but a classic scent. I. like it a lot.
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    Pellet Gun

    I have decided that I need to shoot more this year and I have dusted off my air guns. I have a couple of guns I bought and a few that dad owned. I am starting to clean and tune them up. I have a Benjamin 130 pistol, Daisy 99 champion, Daisy 777 pistol, Daisy Powerline 953, a Crossman .22 rifle...
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    Captain Sir Tom Moore ... R.I.P.

    A person we can all learn from.
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    The Ammo Shortage

    If they do buy backs I have a couple of old none working rifle I would gladly turn in for money.
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    Electric smoker and creosote buildup question

    I have had the main smoker for a couple of years now and really like it except fo the fact that you had to keep feeding it wood chips in small quantities. About 6 months ago got my hands on the add on slow smoke box, which it nice because I can smoke at a lower temp and it holds enough chips to...
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    Contest for the C-C-C-Coldest!

    This one makes my story seam like a summer day. 1985 Northern Illinois. I was in high school are was supposed to have a double date movie night. Our dates lived about 20 miles away in the country. My parents told me that I could not drive to get our dates but since we already had the VHS movie...
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    Concept gun (Or how to kill a dark blob.)

    I saw a diagram once of a 50 cal necked down to a sewing needle. The specs were out of this world, but you had to load each grain of powder by hand thru the neck which would be time consuming.
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    How are those My Pillows?

    OMG I had a feather pillow and heavy quilt until 2016(Historic flood down here). The feathers were from chicken that my great grandmother had plucked. Been in the family for years dry cleaned every several years. Mom still has a quilt and a couple of pillows. I also miss that pillow and quilt (...
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    How are those My Pillows?

    I have one and it works for me. I also have no problem with a person that wants to vote with their pocket book and buy from companies that align with their values. I can not stand for the whole cancel culture movement, when a few noise people want to tell me what I can and can not like.
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    The Ammo Shortage

    I have 2 Daisy Vl rifles that are in mint condition that have been in the family since the late 60's. When ever I bring one out it always turns heads. It is an odd piece of Daisy history.
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    The Ammo Shortage

    I bought 5000 rounds of Daisy VL Caseless .22 These went out of production in the late 60's.
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    Time for fun: Help me name this lather bowl

    That was fun. What can we name next?
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    Is this a dumb idea?

    Habits are both hard to change and form. I have a problem with portion size. When I go to a farmers market to get healthier food I do good with the veggie side and then the meat sellers have 2 over sized steaks. I have become better and the wife and I split a steak and then have the rest for...
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    Adapting / Modifying DE blades for the Oddballs

    I am jealous, these are the hands on projects I love to do but do not have that level of equipment.
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    Time for fun: Help me name this lather bowl

    The Dutchman edition.
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    Isopropyl Alcohol on Blades

    I have a RAZOBRITE BATH crock that is filled with isopropyl alcohol. I rinse my razor with water then put it in the crock as I finish cleaning up, pull it out give it a shack and hang it up.
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    Show me your smoker set up

    I will trade you a couple of slices of breast meat for some bacon to make a club sandwich.
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    Wanting to restore a couple of old air guns, looking for some help.

    I want to do more shooting this year so I am going to add some air guns to the rotation. I want to bring my Daisy Champion 99 rifle which was mine as a kid, it is 40+ years old. I think I can work on this one myself just need to trouble shoot it and get the parts. It cocks and fires just has...
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