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  1. Nick

    What's Your Breakfast?

    For all the mouth watering meals posted in the What's Cooking thread, I don't see much love for breakfast. In my opinion, there's not much that beats a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, brewing a strong pot and whipping up something hearty. Today was a monstrous, buttered English muffin, egg...
  2. Nick

    The Funky Sock Rebellion Is Dead: Standing Out Without The Clown Costume

    Nick submitted a new blog post The Funky Sock Rebellion Is Dead: Standing Out Without The Clown Costume Badger & Blade has been enthusiastically recommending Allen Edmonds for over a decade. While this article is sponsored, our opinions and content have not changed. Support a vendor that...
  3. Nick

    B&B Gift Guide? What Would YOU Recommend?

    We're getting into that time of the year again where families come together, pumpkin pies get slaughtered, and the cider gets a healthy dose of bourbon to help mask the disappointment of unwrapping another argyle sweater. So, in that spirit, it'd be great to compile a list of awesome gift ideas...
  4. Nick

    Quick & Dirty Poll

    Quick & Dirty (yup Ouch, I learned from the best!). Do you use this?
  5. Nick

    Fourth Annual Sue Moore Day Charity Auction

    Fourth Annual Sue Moore Charity Auction As Badger & Blade approaches a decade of helping men turn tedious tasks into hobbies and passions, it's important we take time to recognize and reflect upon what's helped to make us such a unique, tight-knit community of gentlemen. Ironically...
  6. Nick

    Thinking About a B&B Watch?

    The whole watch buy came to fruition rather suddenly, and caught some off guard. Several have told us that they'd like to purchase the B&B Watch; however, need some time to work out the finances. In an attempt to get our ducks in a row: is the B&B Watch something you'd like to buy, but are...
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