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  1. Captain H

    Show Us Those Motorcycles

    My current bike, 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide My previous bike, 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster. My first bike, 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide.
  2. Captain H

    Found some Gillettes in the closet

    I was looking for something in my master closet and underneath some items, I found some dirty old Gillettes that I had purchased at a flea market a few years ago that I had forgotten about. Theywere nesty with that old brown soap scum that had petrified to them. I soaked them in dish water for...
  3. Captain H

    The Gillette Red Tip Alternative

    I collect Gillette razors and have acquired a bunch of them. I really like the TTO flair tip Super Speeds but most are too mild for my liking. I really like the Red Tip, it's aggressiveness is just right. They are harder to find and can be more expensive than the regular Flair Tips. The...
  4. Captain H

    A Package Arrived from the Old Country Today

    I ordered these two about ten days ago from the factory. These are my first Semogue brushes. They seem like very good quality compared to what I have right now. I have heard about them for quite awhile on this board and I finally got around to ordering them. I look forward to using them...
  5. Captain H

    CVS BLADE Brand SE blades

    I found these sold at CVS Pharmacy. It appears to be their brand of products. They also had DE blades. Has anyone had experience with them? I can find no mention on the packaging that states if they are stainless or carbon.
  6. Captain H

    Todays Finds out-in-the-wild

    I found the Clubman and the brush at Sally's. The side of the box says that the brush is made for Sally's. It is made in China and is synthetic. Loft height is 52mm and knot is 24mm. It feels super soft and best yet it was only $7.49. I found the BLADE brand SE blades at CVS. These are the...
  7. Captain H

    Newfound interest in SEs

    When I gave up cartridges, I ordered a Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf and learned on that. It gave some of the best/closest shaves I've ever had. It could be alittle harsh some weeks. On those weeks i would have a bit of burn by friday. I must shave daily for work. I started my journy of DEs and...
  8. Captain H

    Schick Injector blades at La Tienda

    Hi guys, Im here in Carlsbad NM on business and have found these blades sold at La Tienda grocery stores. If you are in the southwest and have one of these stores near you, go look. I found the last 2 packs and bought them thinking they were probably old stock, and low and behold, they have...
  9. Captain H

    Merkur Handle Material

    Can anyone tell me the exact material for these razors? 34C/37c 1904 38c/39c 33c Im wandering if any are made from Brass.
  10. Captain H

    First shave with a Merkur Progress

    I have way more razors than I need, but cannot stop buying them to try them all :tongue_sm My only experience with Merkur is with their 1904 safety bar razor. It ranks right there with my Gillette Slim and EJ89L for best shavers. I actually like it better than the EJ do to its shorter...
  11. Captain H

    First shave with a Weishi

    Well I have heard that these razors were nicely built but extremely mild to be considered useless. Because of the later, I have put off buying one. I decided to pick one up just to have for the collection and get first hand experience with one. The one I bought is the full aluminum version...
  12. Captain H

    Need advice for brush for woman

    Im looking at getting my girlfriend a brush to lather her legs with. She is currently using a Gillette SS and foam. I have heard that a woman needs a bigger loft to support the amount of lather for such a big area as legs and hope some ladies or someone will help me out in a model and brand...
  13. Captain H

    Tabac observations

    I just recieved two pucks of Tabac and just got done comparing it with VDH Delux doing test lathers. The Tabac lathers very well and with little effort but not any faster nor with any better feeling lather. I hear that the soap gets better as you use it so I'll see. The smell is strong...
  14. Captain H

    Startin to like my new Slim

    I posted yesterday about my flea market purchases and have since cleaned all of them up. This morning I decided to try out my new Gillette slim. My usual daily razor is my EJ DE89L or my Merkur 1904. I have used Gem Micromatics, Gillette superspeeds, Parkers and various other asian razors. I...
  15. Captain H

    Todays flea market scores

    All for $25.00. :thumbup: The fatboy has a slightly bent safety bar that I will try and bend back. The oldtype is fitted to a broken tech handle, but head is very good with no brassing. I cleanup up the single ringe using the aluminum foil and baking soda but have not polished it yet. The...
  16. Captain H

    Tabac pucks in OS mugs...question

    I bought my dad a puck of Tabac and one of the short oldspice mugs and it did not fit. Will this soap fit in any of the Old Spice mugs? On a similar note, will MWF fit any of them either? Thanks :blush:
  17. Captain H

    Gillette black handle paint help

    I've got a few black handle superspeeds that could use a refurb. Can anyone recommend a epoxy paint or something else that would do the original finish justice? Thanks for any help
  18. Captain H

    1904 Merkur handle material

    I know the head of their razors are zamak, what is the handle of the 1904 made from?
  19. Captain H

    New guy here saying "Hello"

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a couple of months now, and thought I would jump in and say hi. This June, I went to go buy some more M3 catriges and got frustrated :bored: with the cost. I went home and got on ebay to look for a DE razor. I ended up buying a cheap Chinese...
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