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  1. Nick

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Hahaaa, you know me too well. Leftovers after a night of homemade pizza and Manhattans. Believe it or not, that is HALF a muffin. I saw those beasts and had to have them. Looks delicious. :thumbup1: That's my weekday go-to. Greek or Skyr yogurt with blueberries or granola. Not today, but the...
  2. Nick

    What was the first handgun you owned?

    That's awesome you were able to buy it back. :thumbup1: I've never been able to bring myself to parting with a gun, even though I've got some dogs I've regretted purchasing. My first handgun was also the first gun I ever shot, an S&W K22 with custom walnut grips. It was my grandfather's, and...
  3. Nick

    What's Your Breakfast?

    For all the mouth watering meals posted in the What's Cooking thread, I don't see much love for breakfast. In my opinion, there's not much that beats a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, brewing a strong pot and whipping up something hearty. Today was a monstrous, buttered English muffin, egg...
  4. Nick

    The Funky Sock Rebellion Is Dead: Standing Out Without The Clown Costume

    Thanks Todd! Good call on the Strands, those are striking. :thumbup1:
  5. Nick

    The Funky Sock Rebellion Is Dead: Standing Out Without The Clown Costume

    Nick submitted a new blog post The Funky Sock Rebellion Is Dead: Standing Out Without The Clown Costume Badger & Blade has been enthusiastically recommending Allen Edmonds for over a decade. While this article is sponsored, our opinions and content have not changed. Support a vendor that...
  6. Nick

    Starz Black Sails

    I really enjoyed it. The finale was a bit of a shock, not keeping abreast of news, I figured it was just a season finale. The show was pretty engaging through most of the seasons. Not sure what to replace it with. Though, supposedly a spin off isn't entirely outside the realm of possibilities...
  7. Nick

    Moderately Expensive "Giftable" Whisk(e)y

    @joel - Damn. It's a crime we've let it go this long...
  8. Nick

    Moderately Expensive "Giftable" Whisk(e)y

    This. Having had Pappy back when it used to be reasonably priced, it's hard to beat Booker's, and it's very hard to say that dollar for dollar, Pappy's is 16 times better.
  9. Nick

    Fragrance Friday: Tom Ford Giveaway!

    Apologies everyone, to make up for the wait, there are TWO winners, not just one. Congratulations AeroBoarder89 and ddillas!
  10. Nick

    Fragrance Friday: Czech & Speake Giveaway!

    This contest is officially over. Congratulations rockviper! Thanks everyone who entered!
  11. Nick

    The 2015 Badger and Blade Awards - Mentionable Unmentionables

    I've bought SmartWool dress socks at Nordstrom's, and their hiking socks at REI. I *believe* I saw SmartWool brand running socks at a local sporting goods store as well (Sports Basement), so they definitely have a B&M presence.
  12. Nick

    B&B Gift Guide? What Would YOU Recommend?

    We're getting into that time of the year again where families come together, pumpkin pies get slaughtered, and the cider gets a healthy dose of bourbon to help mask the disappointment of unwrapping another argyle sweater. So, in that spirit, it'd be great to compile a list of awesome gift ideas...
  13. img 7171

    img 7171

  14. Nick

    Jameson St. Patrick's Day Whiskey

    I've tried Redbreast repeatedly, and frankly, it has a tang, that I won't tell you what it reminds me of... Needless to say, there's a lingering after-note that I find unpleasant. If you're not a huge Jameson fan, and want a St. Patty's whiskey, there's also Paddy's, from Cork, and John Powers...
  15. Nick

    The Badger & Blade Manover

    Thank you! It's definitely a big improvement. The one name I didn't drop, but I knew someone would pick up on that pretty quick. :lol: Gladly, thanks for the kind words! Great point on a hat. I've never been a fan of hats, I feel my head is long enough as it is, but it's definitely a big...
  16. Nick

    The 2014 Badger & Blade Awards

    At present, no, but that request has come up more than once, so we'll certainly keep it in mind for next year. Frankly, the amount of review data collected just to present the winning entries is overwhelming, and even the discussion to decide release schedule to ensure we weren't overwhelming...
  17. Nick

    The 2014 Badger & Blade Awards

    Hey guys, Keep the comments coming! This project was definitely a labor of love, and will become an annual B&B regular, so please keep letting us know your thoughts on the reviews, as well as what you'd like to see for the 2015 awards! We're glad to see that this project is being well received...
  18. Nick

    Quick & Dirty Poll

    Quick & Dirty (yup Ouch, I learned from the best!). Do you use this?
  19. Nick

    Question on Boxer Briefs

    This. I've been wearing Under Armour's boxer jock for... 7+ years? Their product now isn't as solid as it used to be; The waistband is too constricting now, and the legs/pouch are less 'supportive', but they still are my go too, and a great option. It's funny, I have about 4 models spanning 7...
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