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  1. PugslyCat

    Ethanol free gas? Yes or No

    Up until a few years ago I would put alcohol free gas in the car all the time. The fuel mileage improved by a couple of MPG and it was only about a dime difference in price. Then the price gap increased to where it's now about $0.50 per gallon more to put alcohol free into the car. The fuel...
  2. PugslyCat

    Recommend a motorcycle

    A big part of the reason I had to buy the motorcycle was because I had corrupted another guy at the office that had previously been one of the big bicyclists.
  3. PugslyCat

    What is the worst handgun you ever owned?

    At 7 yards the Jimenez would send brass bouncing off the targets.
  4. PugslyCat

    What is the worst handgun you ever owned?

    I had a Jimenez Arms 9mm. It had two problems: 1) The loaded chamber indicator was indistinguishable from the front sight, but was offset to the side. I couldn't hit a thing with it. 2) It ejected the spent cases forward, into no man's land, thus preventing recovery and reloading. Jimenez was...
  5. PugslyCat

    Recommend a motorcycle

    Thanks! This past year has been good. I don't "live to ride" as the saying goes, I ride The bike got pulled out of storage early last March with only occasional, short forays onto I-35, until last June. The first "cross country" trip was to take the bike from central Iowa to the dealership in...
  6. PugslyCat

    Recommend a motorcycle

    Zombie thread alert! I hate doing it, but it seemed reasonable to show that sometimes these discussions come to something after all. Early in 2017, long after this thread concluded, I returned from an extended overseas trip with per diem money burning a hole in my pocket and still no...
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  8. PuglyCat Album

    PuglyCat Album

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  9. PugslyCat

    Reloading ammo. How much do you save?

    It all boils down to a trade off of time, effort and money. I started reloading at the end of 2012 because I could only afford so many boxes of cartridges a month. By reloading I could have more for the same money. I hadn't planned it that way, but reloading kept me in bullets when all of the...
  10. PugslyCat

    Hearing protection

    I generally shoot alone except at one public range that uses light signals, so I'm in the second category. I'll generally use foam ear plugs under muffs.
  11. PugslyCat

    Reloading ammo. How much do you save?

    It varies with the equipment. The reloading process is, at a minimum, a three step process: Resizing Die - This die reforms distorted cases as they are pressed up into it. This die normally has a pin that pushes out the spent primer at the same time. Most presses have a lever arm that will...
  12. PugslyCat

    Range rounds

    If it's a new gun I'll get an inexpensive box or two of commercial ammunition. After that, I shoot my own reloads.
  13. PugslyCat

    How often do you clean your firearms?

    +1 Everything gets at least a quick clean as soon as there isn't a next range session already planned. A weekend at the farm can mean 2-4 sessions plinking on the backyard range. No sense in cleaning after each session. On the other hand, if I know it's a one and done trip to a commercial range...
  14. PugslyCat

    What made you happy today?

    The interstate off ramp on my way to work reopened. The detour had rerouted 6 miles of my 17 mile commute over city streets for the summer. Now I'm on divided 4 lane highway most of the distance.
  15. PugslyCat

    Driving a manual transmission.your thoughts.your experiences.

    My folks mostly had automatics when I was growing up and learning to drive in the early 80's, but my dad did buy a Ford Maverick with 3 on the tree as a drive to work car, as well as an old Ford Fairlane with the same setup for my mother. The big difference was that the Maverick didn't have...
  16. PugslyCat

    Does anybody else keep a gun....

    I keep a few handguns stashed around both the house and the apartment. Nothing fancy, just enough that if brandishing the gun doesn't dissuade an intruder I have a chance to fight my way to one of the shotguns. Everything else is in the safes. Instead of fancy boxes I tend to favor hiding spots...
  17. PugslyCat

    What do you carry - Revolver or Semi-Auto?

    Have you considered either Martinsburg or Shepherdstown in West Virginia? I think they are both on the MARC line for easy commuting to either Frederick or the DC area. Prices were reasonable when I was out there many moons ago, and they are, or at least used to be, a firearm friendly state...
  18. PugslyCat

    What was the first handgun you owned?

    Yes, they ran away. They always did so faster than I could fetch the .22 rifle needed to ensure they didn't come back. That's why I wanted a pistol I could carry around the acreage. The problem with skunks isn't so much the threat of being sprayed, but that they sometimes carry rabies, so yea...
  19. PugslyCat

    .22 trap. Anyone? Not that kind of trap

    In the past you were looking into reloading. Maybe this will be your motivation to start bullet casting? A 5 gallon bucket of lead is going to be mighty hefty. You probably wouldn't want to landfill the lead. That being said there is probably some provision for household hazardous waste such as...
  20. PugslyCat

    What was the first handgun you owned?

    Same here. I wanted something easy to carry while I was working around my acreage in the country. I'd had a run in with a skunk while I was riding the lawn mower and swore I was going to be ready to get him the next time.
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