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  1. Ru4scuba?

    Time for my Nationals to oust Papelbon

    That dude grabbing Harper's throat is over the top ridiculous for a recently acquired closer. Harper is the best thing we have going...if there isn't stiff action taken (over the already handed down suspension)...it will have a long term impact on Harper's morale in my opinion.
  2. Ru4scuba?

    First Osage After all these years

    Damn...I've been missing out. Had a menthol blast for 30 minutes after the shave! Great stuff...can't believe I've waited so long to try it.
  3. Ru4scuba?

    Midori Traveler Pan Am arrived!

    Just got this sucker in and am impressed.....anyone contemplating their first travelers journal...contemplate no more, this thing is awesome!
  4. Ru4scuba?

    refills for the B&B A5 Journal

    All, Anyone know where to get a refill? WCS is out at the moment and this has become my go to daily planner...
  5. Ru4scuba?

    Anybody anxiously awaiting Baselworld 2015 (wristwatch nirvana)

    Every year at this time I stare at some of the latest creations coming out of the wristwatch industry in awe...curious if this event holds anyone else hostage for a week...I'm going to go one of these years.
  6. Ru4scuba?

    Fall Sports Memories

    Gents, With Fall fast approaching, I thought I'd start a thread about your guys' fondest Fall sports memories. For me, when I think of Fall, I think of chilly baseball games hoping my team makes the Classic (hasn't happened yet) and college football...specifically, Big Ten Football. The...
  7. Ru4scuba?

    Baseball Fans: Who Are Your Picks for the World Series?

    Gotta say...think my Nationals have a solid chance this year. We might even see a crosstown classic (Nats vs Orioles). Who are your picks for this year's Fall Classic?
  8. Ru4scuba?

    Injinji....just bought some...any users?

    Curious as to the comments and reviews from any who have used them!
  9. Ru4scuba?

    Fourth of July Traditions or Memories with your Family.

    All, Thought I'd ask me clubhouse members who are 'Merican...any fond memories of 4th celebrations with your kin? I will always remember the Fourth of July 1982. I was out in the back of the house with my entire family shooting bottle rockets out of our garage. We must have launched 200+...
  10. Ru4scuba?

    New Steward of the Clubhouse? yup!

    All, Lifelong runner, occasional weightlifter, fitbit-wearin', myfitnesspal usin', protein drinkin', supplement takin' fellow B&Ber checking in for duty as the new Steward of the motivated, physically fit crowd in this fine forum! Also...to keep it real... In addition to the above I'm a good...
  11. Ru4scuba?

    The Pen I keep gravitating to for daily use...

    All, Curious if you guys have the same experience. I have a decent amount of fountain pens..Ahabs, Twsbis, Parker 51s, Pilots....no matter what I do, no matter how I do a rotation, when I'm in a hurry, I always pick up my vanishing point. It's quick, easy and no fail. Anyone have a similar...
  12. Ru4scuba?

    Suggestions for FP office parting gifts

    All, Looking for suggestions, under $30, for FP gifts for my team leads as they leave for greener pastures. My pens have been a topic of discussion in the office for some time now and I was thinking it would be nice to get a stack of FPs to give out to these folks as a proper send off...
  13. Ru4scuba?

    Latest on 2014 B&B FP?

    Sad I missed out on 2013...want to be in on the next one!
  14. Ru4scuba?

    Thickest Journal w/FP quality Paper Available?

    All, Contemplating keeping a journal for 2013. That said, I don't want to have to change journals throughout the year and I want to use my FPs. Any suggestions for one with a really decent amount of paper? I have the smaller B&B version for work but not sure the larger version will have...
  15. Ru4scuba?

    Platinum Preppy ink drops on paper

    All, Got a free PP Eyedropper FP with a recent purchase of Noodlers HoD. I inked it up with a vial of one of the Goulet's monthly samples...anyone have experience with something similar? Mine can't write a full sentence without dropping a huge ball of ink on the page...guessing it's due to...
  16. Ru4scuba?

    Scuba's review of LA Shave Soap Bespoke #1

    First off, many thanks to Harry for allowing me the opportunity to try this stuff. It's actions like his that make B&B a great place to be on the interwebs. Being a "veteran" of Topanga, I can say that the efficacy of LA Shavings' creations is not in dispute...it's a fantastic soap that...
  17. Ru4scuba?

    Pen Stands for the Office desk

    Anyone use them? I only have one pen I use for official signatures (the rest of my pens/inks I use for notes). Been mulling over a stand and I'm curious what (if anything) you guys use? Happy Christmas to all!
  18. Ru4scuba?

    Goulet Ink Drop

    Anyone who's been toying with this idea...don't wait. Just got my first month in and it's a dedication to Private Reserve...some awesome inks in here! Spearmint is going to be used in this years Christmas cards! Tanzanite will be next on the list to try...also in this months bag. And the...
  19. Ru4scuba?

    New Ahab in...go ED or leave as is?

    Gents, Just got ,y new Ahab clear demonstrator in...inked it up with Noodlers Purple Heart and love it already. But I'm curious to hear your thoughts...a part of me wants to ink it up Eyedropper style even though I've no need for so much ink in a pen...just the fact that you can is pretty...
  20. Ru4scuba?

    pilot iroshizuku Asa-Gao morning glory - first impressions

    So...been on a FP frenzy during November and picked a bottle of this up. The packaging, bottle and color in the bottle are all top notch. Inked up a Custom heritage 92 and was really wowed by the color...it came off wetter than expected and as such, I had quite a bit of shading with this...
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