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  1. KeenDogg

    WTB Wade Old Spice Mug

    Looking for one in good condition, with lid. Thanks!
  2. KeenDogg

    A couple ERs I restored.

    2 Ever Ready 200s. Hope you enjoy them. Did some, polishing, did some painting, and did some knot replacing (on one)!
  3. KeenDogg

    Small den clearing

    Clearing out some stuff I am not using. CONUS only please. All prices include tracking PayPal G&S please. 1. Gillette New Deluxe Norfolk. Has the usual cracks. Lightly used. Case if fair. Still works. $70 shipped. 2. Schick Repeater. B1 model Functions as should. Some plate loss...
  4. KeenDogg

    Medical Professionals PIF Now PIFFIER, see post #30.

    As a way to show my appreciation to one group of the many heros of the world, I present a small PIF to say thank you to all our Medical Professionals. You'll get a Doctor vintage shaving mug, a vintage butterscotch badger brush and stand, a sample of St. Charles Shave Old Spice soap...
  5. KeenDogg

    FS Gillettes and a Gem

    B1 Red Tip, NEW short Comb, W2 Black Tip SS, Gem Junior. CONUS ONLY, PLEASE. B1 RED TIP $36 shipped NEW SC $21 shipped Black Tip $16 shipped Gem Junior $11 shipped
  6. KeenDogg

    Schick B1 repeater

    Hey gang, I picked up a B1 model injector but it seems to be missing the loading tray. Is there anyone making them or do I have to hunt for an old one?
  7. KeenDogg

    Vintage OS Soap lot and a few razors

    Unused OS soap and mug set. Box is in good condition sake a missing corner in the flap. Soap is the 3 3/4 oz variety from the 60s to the 70s. Grand Turk on the side. Throwing in the Colgate and the SCS soap sample because I just don't use them. They are unused. The Colgate may lather, it...
  8. KeenDogg

    All by itself.

    I love it how when you brew good coffee, it needs nothing else in it. That is all. 😊
  9. KeenDogg

    FS Star Convex, ER Lather Catcher, Aristocrat and more

    Star Convex. Hate to let it go but things keep breaking in my house! Still another of plating left on it. Box is very nice and well cared for. Has 5 of the original blades with it. First and only one I've had in my 5 years wet shaving. 350 dollars shipped CONUS.
  10. KeenDogg


    https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/forums/saint-sue-moore-memorial-fundraiser.149/ BID EARLY! BID OFTEN!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  11. KeenDogg

    Grinding question

    Hey, guys. I'm relatively new to making coffee. If I need my pour over to brew faster, do I make the grind finer or coarser? Also, how far above the grounds do I make the water level? Getting ok results so far, but looking towards better one. Thanks!
  12. KeenDogg

    FSOT Red Tips, 40's Super speeds, New Standard and more

    Been doing some collecting lately, but have amassed too much for my small den. 1. 2 red tips, an A2 and a B2. Both are in great user shape with the B2 having slightly more paint. 26 dollars each. 2. 2 40's style Supespeeds. Both are a good user grade. One is a PACKAGE and the other a...
  13. KeenDogg

    Did Gillette change the Mach3 cartridges?

    My wife has become unhappy with the shaves she gets from her Mach3. Upon inspection, it seems the cartridges are bigger than I remember. Can anyone confirm this? And also, does anyone know where I can get something comparable to the old Mach3 carts if so? Thanks a ton!
  14. KeenDogg

    New to Coffee, recommend me a pour over setup.

    Yes, at 39, I've found coffee. I'm really interested in the whole pour over method. What gear would be good for a beginner? Kindly, Adam
  15. KeenDogg

    FS No Serial New Improved

    For your consideration: No Serail New Improved. In fantastic condition. Has original 2 blades ( tear to one wrapper and rust to blade) numbered 2260. Number coincides with no serial era. Case is near perfect and is soft and supple. Shipper is great too. A small tear at King's face...
  16. KeenDogg

    FS President, Milord, Contract Tech, and Gem Bullet Tip

    For your consideration: Gillette President Y2. Mostly all of rhodium plating present sake one nick on edge of an endcap. Minor scratches and some clouding to the head of the razor, particularly the doors. Straight and true $55 shipped CONUS. Gillette Milord 1947. All plating present, some...
  17. KeenDogg

    What was this sign for?

    My Brother in Law was giving this sign by a fellow in the Syracuse area of New York. Any ideals what it was advertising?
  18. KeenDogg

    FS NOS Gold Super adjustable, Gillette Contour

    For your consideration: 1 NOS gold Super Adjustable. It was missing the blades when I got it. Razor has never been out of the package, it's still sealed behind the perforations. Had one slight spot on the silo door as shown. Not sure what it is. It may come off. I didnt want to open it to find...
  19. KeenDogg

    FS Vintage DE, SE, Kent Brush

    Ranger Tech, under grade. Has some scratches, clouding, and a hint of brass showing. Excellent replate candidate. Case is average. $35 CONUS 2 Gem Featherweights. Minor blemishes on the heads. Still in awesome shape. $10 each CONUS or 15 for both. Gillette Millord. Good condition. Some...
  20. KeenDogg

    FS Gillettes, Cases, and more

    1941 Ranger Tech. Good user grade. Case is fair but no longer snaps. Razor has most of its plating intact except for a few scratches on the neck that are down to the brass and a couple dots near PAT OFF. All mechanics work and bars are straight. $48 shipped CONUS with tracking
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