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  1. ctakim

    A Touching Vegetal Moment

    Child abuse!!
  2. ctakim

    Greatest DE Razors - A List

    I loved your thoughtful and well written post! Thanks Pioneer!
  3. ctakim

    Aristocrat Agressiveness?

    The US Aristocrats are a pretty diverse group beyond the 40's and 50's variants you are asking about. There is also the flare handled old type in the faux ivory case and the gold slim adjustable that shves just like, well a slim adjustable. Then there is the '34 TTO open comb, too! Are you...
  4. ctakim

    Big Fellow

    Beautiful clean up job. That is what I love about this hobby!
  5. ctakim

    Grungy Aristocrat

    Sweet! And he ain't even done yet!
  6. ctakim

    Which one of you bought this!

    Wow, well worth it and please listen to AsylumGuido! From a collectors point of view please do not open it!
  7. ctakim

    Todays Find

    That is a better find than an Aristocrat! Nice score!
  8. ctakim

    Anybody heard from Asylum Guido lately?

    As someone who deals with the Big C every day on a professional level my heart goes out to you guys. My thoughts & prayers go out to you both and to all B&B members similarly challenged.
  9. ctakim

    Paid too much I know but it's beautiful

    The first TTO Gillette! These are one of my favorites! Beautiful condition, too!:001_smile
  10. ctakim

    What Is The Holy Grail of DE Razors?

    Well it varies for me with what I don't have but lust after in my collection. My most recent was the earliest flared bottom Aristocrat in the faux Ivory case. A NOS one recently sold on da Bay for just short of $500. Well beyond my top bid!!!
  11. ctakim

    Help! Is this Red Tip Accurate

    That is a Red Tip Superspeed in a Slim Adjustable case. What is the date code for the razor. Red Tips were mostly in the 50's I believe. You should be able to find a letter and number under the head of the razor on the bottom side in the left and right corner. Nice razor, one of my favorites to...
  12. ctakim

    Gillette Razor ID

    Looks like one of the earliest single rings as the change from the double ring style to single ring was in 1905, I believe. Interesting that this is a Canadian model. These earliest old types are a tad aggressive for my taste with a modern blade, so mine sit on the collector's shelf more than...
  13. ctakim

    Poll: Favorite Gillette Design

    TTO for me. My everyday razor is a 40's Aristocrat. But I do love those adjustable too!
  14. ctakim

    Is this a pic of the Red Tip...

    Boston Scientific? Coronary stents? Welcome to B&B and it sounds like you are well on your way to growing a great razor collection. This is a great place to learn about this hobby!:001_smile
  15. ctakim

    Is this a pic of the Red Tip...

    This is my favorite Flare tip Superspeed. Plus you have a nice case and blade dispenser too. What you do with is is entirely your decision, but if you start to hang out here longer this is what you would do: you would buy another Red Tip for regular shaving and only use this one on special...
  16. ctakim

    Help Identifying

    With the mug I don't know about calling it a deal, I would call it larceny!! Nice score!:001_smile
  17. ctakim

    why can't I stop buying razors?

    Certainly it is a great hobby, but you can also shave with these things so it is practical, too! At least that is what I tell the wife!:001_smile
  18. ctakim

    It's Ju-Lime! Lime Shaving Soap Discussion Thread

    QED Lime is great, but I also gotta plug Castle Forbes Lime creme that is so thick it is almost a soap. Expensive but the top of the lime!!:laugh:
  19. ctakim

    Difference between Fatboy and Super Adjustable

    Shave experiences may differ, but in terms of build quality from the Fat Boy to the Slim to the Super adjustable it was a down hill slide IMHO. The heavy solid chunk of metal that is the Fat Boy speaks to me volumes about craftsmanship, and 50's era quality.:001_smile
  20. ctakim

    For Gillette Adjustable fans....

    Nice! Congrats!
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