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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    Hey everyone. After waiting forever to receive a GSC fatguy razor. Then the one I got was defective and had to get a new one. I'm having a lot of trouble with the razor. I'm not sure if its unique to the fat guy or if this is how the fatboy behaves as well. I cannot shave with this fatguy...
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    Used shaving soaps

    What are peoples thoughts about purchasing used shaving soaps? Right now in the environment we are in this seems like a horrific thing to do. I recently joined a shaving Buy/Sell FB group and there's all kinds of soaps on there from slightly used to half gone. On top of that, the prices...
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    Global Shave Fatguy question

    Has anyone actually received this razor yet? Mine "shipped" on Nov 11th but it still says today (12/2) that the USPS is awaiting the item. That's 3 weeks now which goes beyond the normal delays there have been recently. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen as well. I'd like...
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