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  1. Fuzzy2964

    FS 2 Reknotted Vintage Brushes

    Brushes sanitized and reknotted as shown. Glued with 2 part epoxy. Each comes with a plastic travel case. $5 for shipping. Started refurbishing some old brushes and I have more than I can use. A. Ever Ready 250. 19mm Silver Tip Badger. Shampooed once - never used. $35 plus $5 shipping...
  2. Fuzzy2964

    Great Inexpensive Soap & Aftershave Combos

    I always feel good when I find an inexpensive soap & aftershave combo that goes well together. Razorock Don Marco & Lucky Tiger. The scents match up ... the performance and value are there. This combo would go for about $25. Any other combos out there folks like?
  3. Fuzzy2964

    Shaving the back of your neck

    I have been married for 25+ years and have been asking my wife to shave the back of my neck between haircuts for those 25+ years. I'm relatively new to DE razor shaving. In the past it has been a disposable razor. My wife doesn't really like doing this ... who would? The disposable razor...
  4. Fuzzy2964

    Mike’s Natural Soaps - Lime

    2 Mike’s soaps came in the mail yesterday. Shaved with his Lime this morning. Wow ... a real blast of Lime in the scent ... which is what I was looking for. Lather performance was excellent. Also got his Rose, Patchouli, Cedarwood - has a more subdued scent with the same tallow, lanolin...
  5. Fuzzy2964

    New Soap Bowl

    Came in the mail today. I have been using a basic small metal bowl - was way too small and difficult to hold onto with a wet hand. This should be an improvement. The base is easy to grip. Wife approved color - had to match the bathroom decor! Tomorrow will be the maiden voyage.
  6. Fuzzy2964

    Italian Barber Amici

    Italian Barber has the Amici line on sale. This came in yesterday. At $2.50 a tub - I got 2. Shaved with it this morning ... thumbs up. Light citrus - grapefruit maybe.
  7. Fuzzy2964

    Yaqi Synthetic came in the mail today

    I think I’m going to like the large handle. Amber resin ... I think it looks nice. Will certainly being using it tomorrow morning. Got it from AliExpress.
  8. Fuzzy2964

    Figuring it out

    Still pretty new to DE razor shaving ... about 2 months. Last week finished off my super speed birth yr/qtr set. C4 Flare tip, blue tip, red tip. So this morning I did a first pass with the red tip. Then relathered and did a second pass with the blue tip going cross and against the grain...
  9. Fuzzy2964

    New to DE Razor Shaving

    Hi, Decide about 2 months ago to try DE razor shaving. Got tired of throwing away single use plastic razors. So far ... so good. Started with and EJ 89. Then had to try some vintage Gillette TTO razors. I have a FatBoy, Slim and a Super Speed flare tip and SS Red Tip in my birth year/qtr...
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