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    Feather AS-D2 vs. Popular

    A bit of poor technique on Monday left me with pretty beat up skin. Needing to shave today, I pulled out a Popular that I recently ordered. Using the included Feather blade and an extremely light touch, I got more than an acceptable and smooth shave. This has me seriously considering the AS-D2...
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    Gillette Thermal Face Scrub

    In preparation for an upcoming move, I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets last night. I found a partially used container of thermal face scrub from years ago. I recall that it warmed pretty well. I didn't see an expiration date, so I may try it as a preshave tomorrow morning. I don't know if it...
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    Hello from the SF Bay Area

    I have been lurking around the forum for a few weeks. With the great info I have seen, I finally decided to join. I am fairly new to traditional shaving (4 months or so), from 30+ years of the cartridge, for about the last 10 with DSC. When I was still buying supplies in stores, I always saw a...
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